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Great Britain & Ireland


5 countries \ 17 days \ from US$2228 per person

This tour is a whirlwind of sightseeing, history & culture as you hit the highlights of England, Scotland & Ireland. Practice your Liverpudlian accent in the home of rock & roll's original Fab Four - The Beatles! Stroll Edinburgh's Royal Mile, then grab some binoculars to search for the Loch Ness monster. Add in drinking Guinness, kissing the Blarney Stone, castles, cathedrals & you've got an one awesome experience!

TravellingKatTravellingKat (TravellingKat)

The Adventurer (Start Lima - Until Jan 2014)


3 countries \ 25 days \ from n/a per person

South America awaits, and with 25 days of amazing times ahead, get geared up for the best of Peru, Argentina & Brazil. Let culture & adventure take over in Peru - friendly locals, ancient culture, Machu Picchu & the Amazon will impress. Argentina is up next, with its cosmopolitan vibes, cool big city feel, culture & roaring Iguassu Falls. We’ll finish up in Brazil, home to Carnival, Copacabana & caipirinhas! You can choose to either trek the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, or take it easy & go by train.

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