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Spending money & travel Visa cards

Hey guys.. I'm off to Europe for 5 weeks & was wondering what people's opinions are on how much spending money i'll need? I'm not a huge drinker so probably won't spend much money there.. & what's ur opinion on travel credit cards? I'm thinking either the cash passport or the AUS Post travel VISA. Thanks :)

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Paris - Is going up the Eiffel Tower included?

Hey guys.. I just wanted to know if you go up the Eiffel Tower on contiki tours or if you only stop for a photo op & then have to pay & go up there yourself in your free time? Thanks :)

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Europe Optionals

Hey everyone, i was just wondering if there's anywhere i can find a list of the Europe optionals & how much they are or if anyone can tell me about any that they did? Thanks, Kels =)

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Sweet as South-2nd May. Guaranteed departure date?

Hey guys, is anyone else booked on the Sweet as South departing Christchurch on the 2nd of May, as it's not a guaranteed departure date so i was wondering how many people were booked on it.

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'Sweet as' South (Reverse)


1 country \ 11 days \ from US$1749 per person

Experience the best of Southern New Zealand! From Christchurch to Queenstown to Lake Ohau, it’s an adventure you won’t ever want to end. In Franz Josef you’ll hike a glacier, then it’s on to Queenstown, the adventure Capital of the World. Ride the Shotover Jet, maybe take the leap on a bungy, canyon swinging - the possibilities are endless. Maybe take a day break to Milford Sound cruise past stunning waterfalls or a scenic flight over Mt. Cook!

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