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29-year-old Female living in Donnybrook, Qld Australia

I am interested in reading, music, television and movies. I am planning a tour of great britain and ireland next year. I would like to eventually live in ireland on a permanent basis.

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I pick up my tickets next week after I get travel insurance and have a copy to give to contiki.

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Great Britain & Ireland


5 countries \ 17 days \ from US$2469 per person

This trip is a whirlwind of sightseeing, history & culture as you hit the highlights of England, Scotland & Ireland. Practice your Liverpudlian accent in the home of rock & roll's original Fab Four - The Beatles! Stroll Edinburgh's Royal Mile, then grab some binoculars to search for the Loch Ness monster. Add in drinking Guinness, kissing the Blarney Stone, castles, cathedrals & you've got an one awesome experience!

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