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Donald_KramerDonald_Kramer (Donald_Kramer)

Ski Austria Feb 21st 2014

I was looking at doing the 2 week Austria ski tour with the coach from London, anyone else doing the 1 or 2 week tour for this date?

Asked 3 months ago about Meeting Places Europe Austria Ski Plus Coach From London 2 Weeks (0 responses)

Donald_KramerDonald_Kramer (Donald_Kramer)

Best time of year for South America?

I am looking at taking a South America tour sometime late next year or early 2015 and was wondering what the best time of year to do that was? I really want to do the Latin Quest tour, but the earliest I could do that would be early 2015. I could do The Adventurer tour next August or September.

Asked 5 months ago about Travel Advice (0 responses)

Donald_KramerDonald_Kramer (Donald_Kramer)

Big Tiki Optional activities?

I am doing the Big Tiki (Auckland-Christchurch) in September and was wondering how much time is set aside for optionals in Queenstown and how much of the day each activity takes? I would like to do the skydiving, as many of the bungy jumps and swings as I can and maybe the Milford Sound trip if I have time. I would appreciate it if anyone could help me out with some of these questions.

Asked 11 months ago about Meeting Places New Zealand The Big Tiki Auckland To Christchurch South Pacific (3 responses)

Donald_KramerDonald_Kramer (Donald_Kramer)

The Latin Quest


4 countries \ 37 days \ from US$10715 per person

Do it all, experience everything & make the most of this unbelievable journey. From the bustling Rio streets to quiet ancient temples, live volcanoes & beautiful beaches, you'll find that paradise doesn't exist in just one place.

Donald_KramerDonald_Kramer (Donald_Kramer)

The Big Tiki (Auckland-Christchurch) Sept 5th 2013

I was looking at doing this tour, just wondering if anyone else was booked for this tour?

Asked about 1 year ago about Meeting Places New Zealand The Big Tiki Auckland To Christchurch South Pacific (3 responses)

Donald_KramerDonald_Kramer (Donald_Kramer)

New Zealand or China?

I am looking at taking either the Big Tiki (Auckland-Christchurch) tour that leaves Auckland on September 5th or the China Adventure that starts on September 2nd. Just wondering if anyone had advice on either tour or which one I should choose? I have done tours in Europe and Australia, loved both tours for different reasons. I went to Europe in August 2011, but I had a horrible cough almost the entire time I was there. However, I did still enjoy seeing all the sights and meeting people from all over the world. Then May of last year I did the Beaches and Reefs tour in Australia and found out that I am a rather big adrenaline junkie (skydiving, bungy jumping, etc) and staying healthy the whole time made it that much more enjoyable. Like I said I am just looking for advice from people who have been to either of these places on which tour I should take.

Asked about 1 year ago about Travel Advice (1 response)

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