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Donald_KramerDonald_Kramer (Donald_Kramer)

May 10th Asian Adventure May 24th China Adventure?

I am about to book the May 10th Asian Adventure and May 24th China Adventure tours for 2015 and was wondering if anyone else is booked on either of these tours?

Asked 6 months ago about Asia (0 responses)

Donald_KramerDonald_Kramer (Donald_Kramer)


Uploaded 10 months ago

Donald_KramerDonald_Kramer (Donald_Kramer)

Asia or South America?

I am taking a trip next year, just haven't decided where to yet. I was looking at doing the Asian and China Adventure tours in April/May or the Latin Quest tour starting next August. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have done tours in Europe, Australia and New Zealand and enjoyed them all!

Asked 10 months ago about Travel Advice (2 responses)

Donald_KramerDonald_Kramer (Donald_Kramer)

Ski Austria Feb 21st 2014

I was looking at doing the 2 week Austria ski tour with the coach from London, anyone else doing the 1 or 2 week tour for this date?

Asked over 1 year ago about Meeting Places Europe Austria Ski Plus Coach From London 2 Weeks (0 responses)

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