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Donald_KramerDonald_Kramer (Donald_Kramer)

Best time for Latin Quest or Adventurer tours?

I am looking at taking either the Latin Quest or Adventurer tour in South America sometime in the next year or two and was wondering if anyone had suggestions for the best time of year to do either of these tours?

Asked 10 months ago about Latin America (1 response)

Donald_KramerDonald_Kramer (Donald_Kramer)

May 10th Asian Adventure May 24th China Adventure?

I am about to book the May 10th Asian Adventure and May 24th China Adventure tours for 2015 and was wondering if anyone else is booked on either of these tours?

Asked over 1 year ago about Asia (0 responses)

Donald_KramerDonald_Kramer (Donald_Kramer)


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Donald_KramerDonald_Kramer (Donald_Kramer)

Asia or South America?

I am taking a trip next year, just haven't decided where to yet. I was looking at doing the Asian and China Adventure tours in April/May or the Latin Quest tour starting next August. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have done tours in Europe, Australia and New Zealand and enjoyed them all!

Asked almost 2 years ago about Travel Advice (2 responses)

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