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Uploaded about 1 year ago

Laura.AmyLaura (Laura.Amy)

European encounter may 2nd 2014

Hey everyone :) Who is planning on heading on the European encounter trip leaving London May 2nd??? This is my first trip to Europe, so if anyone has any tips that be great :)

Asked about 1 year ago about (6 responses)

katelynKatelyn posted on Laura's (Laura.Amy) profile

Hi! I know we're going on the same tour... How's all the prep going? And how are you taking/carrying all your money? So much to think about :(

Posted about 2 years ago

  • Laura.Amy


    about 2 years ago

    How about you?? How's the prep etc going??

  • Laura.Amy


    about 2 years ago

    Prep I going alright, I work full time so had to starting packing early so I didn't forget anything :P so I'm pretty much packed.. I'm getting my money changed over today into Thai baht.. I got a super cute travel wallet from forever new for the plane etc cause it has pokers for money, ID, passport etc.. Other than that I'm just going to keep the rest in my bag and try to take what I need, bought extra locks so I can lock my bag during the day.. Had a few family friends go over and that's what they recommended.. Other than that I'm taking a credit card to use if I find I run out.. And yer I think I will do all the optional activities, why not :)

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Uploaded about 2 years ago

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Thailand island hopper west??? JAN 16th 2013

Who is planning on doing the island hopper west tour on jan 16th.. It's my first trip os by myself :)

Asked over 2 years ago about Asia Thai (15 responses)

Default_avatarElaine posted on Laura's (Laura.Amy) profile

hi laura, thinking of going on this date. are u staying on after the tour, or leaving on the day it finishes?

Posted over 2 years ago

  • Laura.Amy


    over 2 years ago

    im leaving on the day of the tour.. but im arriving in phuket on the 15th so a day early.. and staying in the hotel.. but have like a 4 hour stop over in singapore on the way home which is what i wanted. I only booked it like 2 weeks ago, and picking the date was the hardest thing :P

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