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June 10, 2007 - London & Paris Extended July 10, 2009 - European Magic 2010 - Berlin to Budapest

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Leanne_in_OntarioLeanne_in_Ontario (Leanne_in_Ontario)

Berlin hotel - Ibis Masse - Directions?

I'm flying into Tegal airport and need to get to the Ibis Masse hotel for the start of the tour. Does anyone have any recommendations for getting from the airport to the hotel? Would you take a cab, or the S-Bahn? I'd rather take the subway but I have no idea if it's easy to navigate. Any advice or information anyone has would be great! I can't seem to find much on this hotel. Thanks!

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Leanne_in_OntarioLeanne_in_Ontario (Leanne_in_Ontario)

Berlin to Budapest - July 19, 2014

I just booked the Berlin to Budapest tour for July 19 next year! I've wanted to do this tour forever - I'm excited but nervous! Is anyone else booked for this one?!!

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