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I went on the Wild Western tour 26 Sep 2012 - 09 Oct 2012. In the brochure, it was heavily advertised with "2 nights special stay accommodation" at "Bass Lake Resort". There are three images throughout the brochure depicting the serene cabin accommodation overlooking the lake. However, once my travel pack arrived, I noticed the accommodation was not "Bass Lake Resort", but the rather less appealing "America's Best Value Inn" situated some 14miles away in a small town called Oakhurst. No word from Contiki, or a courtesy message included. I guess they count on their clientele to have no clue, nor read the brochure. I was furious, I jumped on the forum and found out that people on the tour before and after mine got the advertised accommodation. I rang up Contiki, the girl on the phone practically had a gag order on her, her superior instructed her that I had to speak to my travel agent, and they had to have the argument with Contiki. My travel agent called, after numerous repetitions of the line "Contiki has the right to change accommodation as per our T&Cs", Contiki finally said "she can email this address xxx AFTER the tour to get reimbursed the difference." My travel agent wasn't happy with this, it's not fair that they can take your money and give you a cheaper substitution. Yes the can change accommodation, but they can't change the "2 nights special stay" and "America's Best Value Inn" was NO special stay! My optimistic travel agent thought they might make it up to us on the trip... As I didn't want to negatively affect my trip, I decided to play by their rules and hold fire until I returned. It was a good tour... when I asked the tour guide about the accommodation switch his response was "Oh you noticed that?" I guess not all your customers are blind drunk afterall? To somewhat make up for it, the tour guide brokered a deal to let us play in their pool for a few hours. While we were there, I sussed out the accommodation. The other shops said it was vacant, it didn't look like it was under renovation, and a big company like Contiki heavily advertising their swell digs would surely buy their allotments in advance. So I can't imagine why the switch, there was no valid reason. According to both the hotels websites, there was a big difference in cost between Bass Lake Resort and America's Best value Inn by $70 p/night. Over 2 nights, that's $140... multiply that by the 52 passengers, and Contiki makes a tidy profit of $7,280. When I came home, I sent the email with the history and requesting a partial refund on the difference. After New Year I received my officious reply, again reiterating the company's T&Cs - BUT blatantly lying that they had substituted it with sufficient accommodation. I rang them up and was given the "you have to speak to your travel agent, we aren't allowed to have this discussion with tours booked through agents." I contacted my travel agent. When she spoke to them, they said the opposite - that I had to contact them directly! Neither of us could get anywhere, so she asked me to send her an email and she'll forward it to their Contiki representative. It's been 1 month and I haven't had a response. I'm sick of dancing this stupid dance Contiki. I've been a loyal customer for years, I've done 4 Contiki's to date and was seriously considering a few more over the next few years. Are you willing to risk losing a loyal customer, and somewhat of a brand advocate (who's not your typical drunk) over $140? My warning to everyone considering Contiki - if you see something inconsistent with advertising before you leave, iron it out straight away. I guess I'll be seeing Spain & Italy with TopDeck.

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LA to the Bay (Winter)


1 country \ 12 days \ from US$1825 per person

Showing you the best of California along with a generous dollop of snow action, get ready for good times! First party with high rollers in Vegas for a truly unique experience. Then hit the slopes or hit up loads of other winter activities in the premier alpine area of Lake Tahoe. Leave the snow-covered mountains behind & check out cosmopolitan San Fran & the lush valleys of the American Riviera before checking out star-studded Hollywood to wrap up one wild stateside week!

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California Highlights


1 country \ 7 days \ from US$1345 per person

See what the Golden State of California has to offer! From the City by the Bay known as San Francisco to the beachside city of Santa Barbara to the entertainment capital of the world Los Angeles, get the full experience of California. And if you're still beggin' for more, be sure to check out the Western Highlights tour where you'll see one of the awe-inspiring natural world wonders (the Grand Canyon in Arizona) and indulge in your guilty pleasures in sin city Las Vegas.

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Scotland & Ireland


4 countries \ 13 days \ from US$2245 per person

Have a hankering for all things Scottish and Irish? This tour combines two of the most picturesque countries in Europe. Scotland is famous for its whisky, haggis, bagpipes, an elusive lake monster and men who wear kilts! Ireland is famous for Guinness, the Blarney Stone, good music and craic! Join this tour to enjoy the best of both worlds.

likeaflowerlikeaflower (likeaflower)

Mediterranean Highlights (Start Rome)


5 countries \ 13 days \ from US$2375 per person

Beginning in Rome, your 2 week adventure takes you to all the hotspots along the Mediterranean coast. Flamenco dance in Barcelona, rub shoulders with the rich & famous on the French Riviera, enjoy the delights of Tuscany, walk in the footsteps of Roman Emperors & soak up the Spanish flavour of Madrid. Plus heaps more in between!

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Canada & the Rockies


1 country \ 11 days \ from US$1759 per person

Chill out & challenge yourself in Canada's dynamic duo of provinces: Alberta & British Columbia. The diverse physical beauty from Vancouver to Whistler to Banff features the greatest of the great outdoors. Take a hike or ride a bike along the many scenic, wildlife-laced trails. Better yet, we'll put you on a gondola, horseback, helicopter, or whatever improves your views point for the endless, to-die-for photo opportunities.

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LA Explorer (4 nights)


1 country \ 5 days \ from US$505 per person

Go local & explore LA on your own time with this 4 night package. Hit Hollywood Boulevard, visit Universal Studios or shop Rodeo Drive as you live it up in the City of Angels. With delicious restaurants & a rooftop garden that overlooks the stunning city skyline, it’s got easy access to Hollywood & Universal Studios & a short stroll from LA’s iconic attractions & evening hot spots & the metro.

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Wild Western - September 26th 2012

Hey, just booked the Wild Western trip! Who else is going? And where are you staying for your post accommodation in LA? Cheers!

Asked almost 3 years ago about Usa And Canada Los Angeles La Wild Western America Usa California Accommodation United States Of America Travel Advice (4 responses)

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