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MariMari posted on Liz's (Liz) profile

Hi Liz! Nice to see another Aucklander! Really excited for the trip now! :)

Posted over 1 year ago

EleniXoEleniXo posted on Liz's (Liz) profile

Hey hun, welcome aboard, can't wait to meet you!! Are you travelling solo too? It's getting close now, would love to hear more about you darl, have a great week! I hope these 2 months fly!

Posted almost 2 years ago

LizLiz (Liz)



Uploaded almost 2 years ago

HollyHolly posted on Liz's (Liz) profile

Hey liz!!! So happy to see another kiwi on this trip! Hahaha can't wait to meet you! Was worried id be the only one!

Posted almost 2 years ago

Ora-MonetOra-Monet posted on Liz's (Liz) profile

Hey Liz! We are going to have a lot of fun and see a lot of great sites! Cant wait to meet you and the rest of our tour mates!

Posted almost 2 years ago

LiamLiam posted on Liz's (Liz) profile

G'day Liz, great to see another traveller and it's not long now til we'll be sharing a bus and hopefully some great times Liam

Posted almost 2 years ago

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