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27-year-old Male living in Munich, Bavaria Germany

Mike, Maik, Meik,... I don't care how you spell or pronounce my name. I already heard everything. :-) Love travelling! Anyone up for another contiki tour?<br /> <br /> Read my Contiki Australia <a href="">Beaches and Reefs tour review</a>. <br /> <br /> My website:<br /> <a href="">www.mik... More

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Asian Adventure / Big Indochina - Baggage size

Hey guys, I just got the info that the maximum allowed baggage size is 73x50x25cm. My bag (trolley with 2 wheels) is 65x45x28cm Does anyone know if this is a problem on the Asian Adventure/Big Indochina tours? Especially because of the internal flights.

Asked 9 months ago about Asia Asian Adventure Laos Cambodia Baggage (0 responses)

MaikMaik (Maik)

Asian Adventure / Big Indochina March 29th 2015

Hey guys! Anyone else on the Asian Adventure / Big Indochina Adventure tour starting both March 29th in Bangkok? I am flying in on March 28th.

Asked 10 months ago about Asia Bangkok Asian Adventure Thailand (1 response)

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