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26-year-old Male living in Toronto, ON Canada

I'm incredibly excited to have booked a trip to Europe for May. I've never been across the pond! Would love to network with anyone travelling on the European Experiance beginging May 8th, so if you're on that trip or thinking about it, give me a shout!

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You can also hit me up at @mattseager and

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Beaches and Reefs (start Cairns)

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China Adventure


2 countries \ 12 days \ from US$2875 per person

Ancient history & fascinating culture make China a must-visit. Stroll the Great Wall & be dwarfed by the high-rises of Hong Kong & Shanghai. Get up close to the mystic limestone karsts of Yangshuo before being amazed by Xi’an’s famous & incredible Terracotta Army. When you’re not walking in the footsteps of emperors, see this amazing country from a different angle, like on the back of a rickshaw or bike!

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Asian Adventure


3 countries \ 14 days \ from US$2129 per person

Get into the best of Thailand, Laos & Cambodia in 14 incredible days. Be part of the buzz & bright lights of Bangkok before a change of scene in the Mekong with its rice paddy & sugar fields & coconut palms. The low key vibes of Laos, with its small villages, saffron robed monks & French colonial past are up next, before Angkor Wat & Ta Prohm in Cambodia's jungle & a slice of Phnom Penh.

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European Experience


10 countries \ 21 days \ from US$2815 per person

Experience Europe, Contiki style! A great trip itinerary for those wanting quality time in Italy without skipping anything important on the way there. The second half of the trip is all about beautiful scenery with stops in the Austrian Tyrol as well as the Swiss Alps. Of course, with the beautiful scenery comes some amazing opportunities to raft, ride and climb your way to must have memories.



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