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Female living in Auckland, New Zealand

A free spirited adventurer who wants to discover and experience distant local arts, culture, dance, music, and ancient civilizations. :) Marketing practitioner/graphic designer/make-up artist/// Zero experience in traveling in Europe & Egypt so this would be an amazing experience to learn about places I've always dreamed of visiting while making new friends with like-minded thirst for travel... More

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Hello sweetheart it's so nice to meet you on here, such a gorgeous friendly face, feel like I know you, I know that seems strange! I'm doing the aegean classic and the london to athens darling, it looks like you're doing an egyptian tour and one or two others? It's going to be amazing! Your profile really captures your vivacious spirit! xxxx

Posted over 1 year ago

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    over 1 year ago

    Thanks for the sweet message :) I guess some similar interests made you feel like we already know each other?! I see you like arts too! Just 31 days left! I am doing the Egyptian tour but it would be with another tour company. I'm starting in Japan before London-to-Athens, then Egypt, Canada, LA :) I can't wait!

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