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Hi, I just wanted to ask; How was the Eastern Trail tour? Was it worth it?

Posted about 2 years ago

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    BTW my email address is I am more apt to reply. Feel free to ask any other questions. You may want to consider topdeck. I did a morocco tour with them, busabout, G adventures. I'm travelling to africa with them in May.

    about 2 years ago

  • Marcy


    To be honest, there were many things I did not enjoy. This is a concept tour meaning you join most of the group 1 week later and (in my situation) everyone was friends and were not really welcoming to the new people. This was my second contiki. The other I did was russia plus. I joined that tour 2 days later. For that one some people had been traveling on the essentially the first leg of the tour. (It had a different code by same TM). They were a lot friendlier and more accepting. Also on eastern trail, there were a lot more couples, I was the only person from North America, and I'm 24. Most were 18-20. Its all about the group. It's a hit or miss. I also went during christmas/NYE. However, I chose Contiki so I didn't have to arrange transportation and hotesl/hostels. I spent many days exploring on my own which I honestly enjoyed. I wouldn't let my negative experience hold you back. However, if you have the option, I would recommend Russia plus of the 2 I did. Warsaw is better than Krakow in my opinion and Russia is... well Russia.

    about 2 years ago

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