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did you bring a backpack in europe?

im doing the big chill june 24th, the 48 day camping trip through europe. im bringing a medum sized suitcase and a backpack. sortof as a day bag, not sure what to put in it though. did you bring a backpack? any regrets? what did you pack in it?

Asked almost 4 years ago about Travel Advice Backpack Big Chill Europe Camping Suitcase Packing Camping Tour Camping Tours Camp Camper (3 responses)

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nhowarNayef (nhowar)

What's the best way to bring money? cash?

hey, im taking the big chill trip on june 24th to august 10th. thats 48 days, so im going to bring around $75-$125usd a day. that's going to total out to alot of money, and i dont feel safe bringing it all in cash. so whats the best way to bring money? i have credit cards, i have a debit card, and an atm card. but do they work the same over in europe? all those countries? i dont want to spend all of my money on exchange rates :/ thanks for any help!!

Asked about 4 years ago about Money Europe Credit Card Big Chill Travel Advice (8 responses)

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