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24-year-old Female living in carlisle, cumbria United Kingdom

I'm studying to become a nurse and I'm in my second year of training. I've traveled Europe on a camping trip with contiki, I've been to Thailand, Mayalsia and Singapore and I've been to Peru, Bolivia and Brazil where I conquered the Inca trail and the salt flats in Uyuni. I'm going to the USA west with contiki next year :). I love going to classes at the gym. I love watching films and spending ... More

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Hey nic I tried to add you on Facebook but I couldn't find you, could you try add me? My name is kate McClintock, my profile pick is of me and 4 or 5 other people :)

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    Hey, what's your email address and I could add u that way? or you could try finding me through my email:

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Thai Island Hopper West


1 country \ 9 days \ from US$939 per person

Some of the world's best beaches in some of the ultimate places to chill make this Thai Island Hopper trip a must. From busy Phuket, head to paradise on legendary Koh Phi Phi, before Krabi & its amazing scenery. Treat yourself to a relaxing Thai massage, visit ‘The Beach’ and soak up the sun from the white sandy shoreline or sea canoe in the beautiful clear waters. It’s your choice to relax, indulge or party until the sun comes up…

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    about 2 years ago

    looks mean as nic looks mad fun..

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The Big Tiki (Christchurch to Auckland - Until October 2014)


1 country \ 21 days \ from US$3604 per person

Get ready for stunning natural surroundings, chilled out Kiwi culture & an adrenaline rush! Visit Dunedin, try Speight's & hit up the action & adventure of Queenstown! Ever tried a bungy jump, jet boating, canyon swinging or 4-wheel driving? Now's the time! Head north to the land of the Lord of the Rings, Wellington, try a hāngi & cruise Lake Taupo. Hit Rotorua, go 'Zorbing' & end your day relaxing in a thermal pool. Blackwater raft the caves of Waitomo too!

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Grand Southern (Start Los Angeles)


1 country \ 26 days \ from US$3740 per person

Southern delicacies include chicken and ribs, biscuits and gravy, and more curiously, Elvis' favorite Graceland snack, a peanut butter and banana concoction. But here's food for thought: Our equally eclectic travel menu of mouth-watering southern destinations, nicely sandwiched between prime left- and right-coast stop-overs. Get a taste of Texas, full servings of Memphis and New Orleans, and a naughty nibble of Las Vegas, before a final bite in the Big Apple, New York City.

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Hi Nicola, I've added you as a friend on facebook! I have no idea how to make groups on facebook, but I'll attempt it haha.

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