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Related post: wide, the costs of such infections are enormous both in terms of ill health and in terms of expenditures for hospital care and antibiotics. It is 6-1 estimated that infections secondary to indwellino catheters in nursinq home and hospitalized patients account for more than 30% of nosocomial infections. Each medical advance exacts its price. All too often, it is the ubiquitous microbes that inhabit us and/or surround us that are responsible. The new heart valve or new hip that have been replaced by skilled surpeons may be- come infected by bacteria resistant to antibiotics. The technically success- ful renal transplant may fail because of activation of a cytomeoalovirus (CMV) infection. The normal youna infant may die or be mentally retarded for life because it is infected at birth with CMV, a herpes simplex virus, or Group B hemolytic streptococci. Although medicine's biggest triumph has been the control and virtual elimin- ation of certain infectious diseases in the developed What Is Imodium Ad countries of the world, old problems remain and new ones are constantly emerging. Some of these new problems are truly "new", in that they represent the price of orocress men- tioned above; others are "new" in that they have been identified for the first time, e.g., Lassa fever, Leaionnaire's disease, infant botulism, rota- virus diarrhea, and, identified byexclusion, non-A, non-B viral hepatitis. Despite the maanitude of these problems, solutions forecast by current re- search give reasons for optimism, and it is gratifying to conclude these paragraphs with an optimistic note that records a remarkable achievement. During the year, the World Health Organization declared that smallpox had been eradicated - totally eliminated from the World. Administration Sir Charles Stuart-Harris : During the first six months of 1980, MIDP was privileged to share, along with all of NIAID, the talents of Sir Charles Stuart-Harris, Professor of Medicine Emeritus, University of Sheffield, who was completing his appointment as a Fogarty Scholar. Sir Charles is an in- ternational authority on influenza, and participated actively in the review and evaluation of the influenza program, including serving Where Can I Buy Imodium as a site visitor to a number of laboratories and vaccine evaluation centers. In collabora- tion with Drs. David Ailing and William Blackwelder he completed an analysis of excess mortality due to influenza, an analysis that emphasized once again the seriousness of epidemic influenza. A second major contribution was the writinn of an objective critiaue of the current status of live influenza virus vaccines. On behalf of the Fogarty International Center, he organized a series of six seminars on various asnects of infection Where To Buy Imodium and immunity, and played a major role in organizing a special meeting to consider whether or not there are diseases other than smallpox that may be candidates for world- wide eradication. We are most appreciative of his contributions and hope that he will return often. Vaccine Development : Work continued on some three dozen possible bacterial, parasitic and viral vaccines. In some instances only one or two grantees were conducting preliminary studies; in other instances, such as with hepa- titis B vaccine, extensive field trials were in proaress. lender the new bi- lateral cooperative health agreement with the People's Republic of China, a protocol has been developed for a trial of the vaccine developed by NIAID 6-2 intramural scientists in the prevention of maternal -infant transmission of hepatitis B. Another international program led to consideration of expanded vaccine devel- opment activities. Vaccine research and development was selected as a com- ponent of the expanded U.S. -Japan Non-Energy Research Cooperation, and this subject is What Is In Imodium to be considered at the sixteenth meeting of the Joint Committee of the U.S. -Japan Cooperative Medical Science Program in October. Scientists in both countries are aware that the newly developed recombinant DNA and hy- bridoma technologies will greatly facilitate the identification and purifi- cation of microbial antigens and accelerate the development and eventual utilization of new vaccines. An initiative to expedite the development of vaccines is timely since investigators are now better able to identify speci- fic microbial antigens and to test their immunogenicity; it is urgent to the extent that bacteria are becoming resistant to antibiotics, e.g., in some U.S. localities, 15% to 33% of strains of Hemophilus influenzae are now re- sistant to ampicillin. Consensus Conference : At the beginning of the year, October 15-16, 1979, MIDP sponsored a Consensus Development Conference on the role of amantadine in the prevention and treatment of influenza. Coordinated by Dr. John LaMontagne and chaired by Dr. Jay P. Sanford, the meeting was considered highly successful, the conference summary and recommendations being given wide publicity. A study is now in progress to evaluate the impact of the con- ference on the prescribing practices of U.S. physicians. Reve's Syndrome :. As a consequence of MIDP initiative in reviewing Reye's Syndrome during a workshop on influenza B virus, NIAID has been assigned the lead role in coordinating trans-NIH research in this puzzling, serious dis- ease. A consensus conference on the subject is being planned by a committee chaired by Dr. John LaMontagne. Epidemiology and Biometry Branch : During the year the enteric diseases pro- gram was transferred to the Epidemiology and Biometry Branch following the departure of Dr. Carl Miller from the Development and Applications Branch. Dr. George Curlin, Chief of EBB, who has extensive experience in diarrheal diseases, also served as Enteric Diseases Program Officer and as Executive Secretary of the Cholera Panel, U.S. -Japan Cooperative Medical Science Pro- gram. The new PHS epidemiology training program was initiated during the year, and NIAID was able to compete successfully for one of the five (of a total 12) Epidemiology Associate Positions assigned to Order Imodium NIH. Dr. Alfred Saah, a former EIS officer and internist with training in infectious diseases began his appointment in July. Molecular Biology and Recombinant DNA Microbiology occupies a central role in What Is Imodium For the development of both cell and molecular biology. Indeed, as noted by W.K.-Joklik in his presidential ad- dress to medical school microbiolony chairman, "microbiology spawned
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