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grand southern june 5th 2014. coming out to LA on the 3rd to explore around and staying in NYC until july 2nd after the tour if anyone wants to meet! :) twitterrrrrrrr @rachy_roooo or facebook https://www.facebook.com/rach.watts.9 can't wait to meet you all! :D :D

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what to pack for USA grand southern in June/July

hiyerrrr, so I'm off on the grand southern in a couple of months which goes from LA to New York and I'm doing a packing list and want to make sure I don't miss anything crucial! as its summertime and they're all southern states so fairly warm I don't think ill need any warm clothes but ill bring like one pair of leggings and a hoodie just in case. so on my list I've got all the standard stuff like travel pillow, iPod, tablets, insect repellent, suncream and a hell of a lot of mini hair products... I'd be grateful for any advice on anything else that would be useful! and how many outfits you think is right and stuff. and if there's anything that really isn't worth bringing! I'm debating my video camera but I also have my normal camera so I don't wanna spend the entire trip flicking between the two trying to get photos and videos of everything so not getting to actually see it... dilemma. but yeah, any help much appreciated!

Asked 4 months ago about Travel Advice Usa Grand Southern Packing List Usa And Canada Packing (6 responses)

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