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26-year-old Female living in Thorold, Ontario Canada

I have been to Europe 4 times, three times with Contiki. I have done the Eastern Road tour, European Magic and the St. Patrick's day tour. I've been to: Germany x2, Poland, Austria x2, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, England x3, Ireland, France x2, the Dominican Republic, United States of America, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Italy

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JordanJordan (Jordan)

Mediterranean Highlights (Start Madrid)


5 countries \ 13 days \ from US$2315 per person

Kicking off in Madrid, this 2 week trip takes you to all the coastal Med hotspots. Flamenco dance in Barcelona, experience the glamorous French Riviera, enjoy the delights of Tuscany & walk in the footsteps of Emperors. Don't miss your picture at the Leaning Tower of Pisa!

JordanJordan (Jordan)

Scandinavia (End Helsinki)


5 countries \ 13 days \ from US$2215 per person

Scandinavia is full of stunning scenery, gorgeous fjords, long summer days, enchanting folk tales & mythical wild life. Explore it the easy way on this journey through the capital cities of Stockholm, Oslo & Copenhagen. Get a taste for real Scandinavia in some lesser known spots off the beaten track. See spectacular fjords & glaciers...and don't forget to pack your camera!

JordanJordan (Jordan)

Ecuador & Galapagos Island Hopper


1 country \ 12 days \ from US$3325 per person

From the heights of the volcanoes to the unexplored waters of Galapagos, this tour is a must for the lovers of the great outdoors. Whether you are snorkelling with Sea Lions & Rays, or chillling with the Giant Galapagos Tortoise, this adventure is epic!

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