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Greenfield Festival 2013 Switzerland

After my Scandinavia Russia Plus Contiki I am trekking down to Switzerland to attend the Greenfield Festival A truly amazing lineup in an amazing looking town. Who wants to come with? :D

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Favorite things to do in Berlin

Hi, I am going over to Berlin on the 11th of May 2013, 7 days before my Scandinavia & Russia Plus tour begins. Was wondering what your favorite thing to do in Berlin Is, whether you've recently travelled there, local or enthusiastic blog reader who has picked up some tips already. I just want to pack as much as I can into this and any information will be awesome. Thanks!

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Berlin to Budapest


5 countries \ 11 days \ from US$1479 per person

This tour encompasses the big 4 of eastern Europe - Berlin, Prague, Vienna and Budapest. Having two or three nights in each city will mean you have a chance to really discover the cities in depth. You'll also pop in to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, for lunch!

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Scandinavia & Russia Plus


8 countries \ 23 days \ from US$3735 per person

From the Vodka bars of Russia to the surreal landscapes of the Norwegian Fjords, venture into some seriously impressive & historical places while on tour. Sit lakeside in Lillehammer, tour the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, visit Brest Fortress in Belarus & tour the Jewish Ghetto in Warsaw (& that’s just the start!). There’s so much happening here & with 8 fascinating countries to visit in 22 days, get ready for sights & experiences like no other!

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