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23-year-old Female living in South Africa

I'm a free-spirited university student that loves to party and meet new people. I'll be turning 21 on the tour so, since I like to travel, contiki will be the perfect way to celebrate. Can’t wait to meet everyone!

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Kaylin AdamsonKaylin Adamson posted on Sarah Cornew's (Sarah Cornew) profile

Hey sarah:) where about in SA are you? Im from joburg. So exciting that were coming from more or less the same place;) We should try meet up before the tour, im going into this solo so itl be nice to meet up with you before we leave. Are you keeen? Xx

Posted about 3 years ago

  • Sarah Cornew

    Sarah Cornew

    about 3 years ago

    Great idea! Flying solo too. I'm from joburg. I live in the bryanston. Where about are you? Maybe we can meet somewhere close to both of us.

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