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22-year-old Female living in brighton, uk

Hi Guys i'm off to Oz for two and a half months in December going solo. Will be going on the big walkabout tour with sailing from Sydney starting 22nd December.

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ChantelleNChantelle posted on soph92's (soph92) profile

Hey there! I remember you saying you were going to be in Sydney at the beginning of the month? What have you been up to? Did you want to get together before hand?!

Posted 9 months ago

  • soph92


    9 months ago

    Yea got here last week. Just been exploring the city what bout you? That would be lovely maybe next week sometime?

Alice & TaranAlice & Taran posted on soph92's (soph92) profile

Ahh same!! SO excited! How long are you travelling for then? We arrive on the 21st really early so staying in a lodge nearby to the Contiki hotel so can walk to the hotel on the 22nd etc. We're then flying to Brisbane from Darwin to spend a week with my friends who live there :) what is your plan?

Posted 11 months ago

  • soph92


    11 months ago

    Well a minimum of six months what about you guys? and wow not long till your heading over there then!!! That sounds cool i'm starting off in Sydney get in on the 6th Dec, then planning on travelling and working after the tour.

MaryMary posted on soph92's (soph92) profile

Me too :-) CU there. cant wait ... 10 weeks left ...

Posted 12 months ago

Alice & TaranAlice & Taran posted on soph92's (soph92) profile

Hey Soph... I guess I'll see you in Sydney on the 22nd for the Walkabout Tour! A fellow English(wo)man haha.

Posted 12 months ago

  • soph92


    12 months ago

    Yea indeed that will be great :) so excited

soph92soph92 posted on soph92's (soph92) profile

Is anyone doing the big walkabout tour from Sydney on the 22nd Dec with sailing. I'm going solo be nice to speak to people before I go

Posted about 1 year ago

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