22-year-old Female living in Forbes, NSW Australia

19. Studying at Uni. Living in the moment and not ready to grow up. Blowing all my scholarships on a holiday to Italy - definitely worth it. Love to Party. I like to think I'm pretty easy-going. Just keen to escape this small-town syndrome that I am surrounded by.

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The ultimate.

The ultimate.

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Ahhhh . So excited ! Only 8 days until our flight leaves!

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Hi. I'll stay one more day in Rome after Contiki tour. But Contiki room for extra days is quite expensive. I want to book a safe, clean, low-budget and well located hotel in Rome on Nov 16th. Got any advice ? What are your plans in Italy after Contiki tour ? Hope to hang out with you guys.

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    Hey Jerry, We are not sure where we are staying after the contiki yet, but we are probably not staying in Rome.

    over 3 years ago

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