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Related post: C. Role of NK cells in the cytokine response to T. gondii . T. gondii was shown to trigger the T lymphocyte-independent production of IFN-y by NK cells. SCID mice depleted of NK cells were shown to be more susceptible to infection, and NK cells were shown to replace CD8+ cells as the primary effectors of immunity in vaccinated P2-microglobulin-deficient mice. PHS 6040 (Rav 1/84) 17-31 U.& OOVEWMENTPRMIMOOFFCE; 1W1 •«•«« Z01 Al Project Number Summary 00072-21 00074-20 00085-15 00086-15 00262-11 00263-1 1 00265-11 00266-11 00418-09 00468-07 00524-05 00550-04 00551-04 00580-03 00610-02 00611-02 Laboratory-of Persistent Viral Diseases Rocky Mountain Lat>oratories Hamilton, Montana 1992 Annual Report Table of Contents Role of Host and Viral Factors in Resistance to Rabies Virus Infection in Mice - Lodmell Genetically Controlled Mechanisms of Recovery from Friend Virus-Induced Leukemia - Chesebro Pathogenesis of Aleutian Disease Virus Infection - Bloom Pathogenesis of Diseases Induced by Non-Oncogenic Retroviruses - Portis Role of Pentraxins in Acute and Chronic Pathology - Torsemide Cost Coe Structure and Function of the ADV Genome - Bloom Immunobiology of Scrapie Virus Infection - Race Genetic Structure of Murine Retroviruses - Evans Immunobiology of Equine Infectious Anemia Virus, a Retrovirus Model for Aids - Maury Biology of Human AIDS Retrovirus - Chesebro Immunologic Factors in Susceptibility and Resistance to Rabies Virus in Mice - Perry (Terminated) EAE: Immunoreguiation of Relapsing Disease and Interaction with Rabies Virus - Perry (Terminated) Cellular Interactions During HIV Infection In Vitro - Perry (Terminated) Biochemistry Torsemide Price of Scrapie Pathogenesis - Caughey Role of H-2 l-E in Recovery from Friend Virus Induced Leukemia - Perry (Terminated) Enrichment of Hematopoietic Stem Cells from Mouse Bone Marrow - Spangrude Page 18-1 18^ 18-5 18-6 18-7 18-8 18-9 18-10 18-11 18-12 18-13 18-14 18-15 18-16 18-17 18-18 18-19 Annual Report Laboratory of Persistent Viral Diseases Rocky Mountain Laboratories Hamilton, Montana National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases October 1, 1991 to September 30, 1992 ADMINISTRATIVE REPORT The following staff changes occurred at LPVD this past year: Arrivals: Dr. Kim Hasenkrug, converted to Staff Fellow (previously an IRTA Fellow in LPVD) working with Dr. Bnjce Chesebro. Ms. Shelly Robertson, Biologist, from Washington State University, Pullman, Washington, working with Dr. John Portis.
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