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24-year-old Male living in Glen Waverley, Vic Australia

Hi there fellow contiki members, My name's Wayne, I'm 20 years old and living in Melbourne. I'll be taking my first trip overseas on the Vietnam Experience commencing Feb 25. Extremely pumped, can't wait to get away. I live for music, love a good read, good company, writing, travel, meeting new people and having a great time all the time. I consider myself a very fun, friendly, sociab... More

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Wayne_HubbardWayne_Hubbard (Wayne_Hubbard)

Big Indochina 12th Feb/Vietnam Exp Feb 25th Feb

Hi all, I'm going on the Vietnam Experience and I've heard that it joins up with The Big Indochina Adventure. Just wondering who my travel companions will be for these trips?

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Wayne_HubbardWayne_Hubbard (Wayne_Hubbard)

International Roaming

Hey guys, I'm going to Vietnam on Feb 24th and just wondering if anyone could offer any feedback on international roaming. Will it cost a great deal if you don't use a smart phone/i phone? Do most people jsut use the internet instead. Any info would be appreciated. thanks. Wayne

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Wayne_HubbardWayne_Hubbard (Wayne_Hubbard)

Hanoi to HCMH - Best route/mode of transport?

Hi guys, I'm doing the Vietnam Experience on Feb 25 which finishes in Hanoi. I then have 10 days to make my way back down to HCMH where I'll commence my next tour. I was thinking of flying with Jetstar Asia for about 50 US dollars, but I'm not sure. Can anyone tell me what they think would be the best/most reliable/cost efficient way of getting back. Thanks Wayne

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Wayne_HubbardWayne_Hubbard (Wayne_Hubbard)

Vietnamese Dong - How much?

Hey guys, I leave on Feb 24th for the Vietnam Experience. I was planning on grabbing a certain amount of Vietnamese Dong and US dollars at the airport before I go. Is this what most people do? And what is a reasonable amount to take for when you get there? How much is too muc/not enough etc? Thanks Wayne

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Wayne_HubbardWayne_Hubbard (Wayne_Hubbard)

Thailand - travel precautions??

Hi all, I'll be in Thailand in April after finishing a contiki tour through Vietnam and an Intrepid tour through Cambodia. Once I get to Thailand I'm flying solo as I figured its a much more 'touristy' destination with a much more western feel, and the tours should give me a good feel for travelling anyway. Just wondering if anyone can tell me what to expect in Thailand? I've also read that in some southern provinces there has been some violent attakcs and political unrest, and also dangers near the Cambodian border. Has anyone been there recently and knows what the situation is like? Thanks Wayne

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Wayne_HubbardWayne_Hubbard (Wayne_Hubbard)

Vietnam Experience Feb 25th?

Hi everyone, just wondering who else is going on this tour. It will be my first trip overseas, counting down the days. Can't wait to get away!

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