Contiki Traveler Post: Thai Island Hopper – “My Leap of Faith”

We always encourage our Contiki passengers to return from their trips and share their stories with us. We love hearing about the memories created, the long-lasting friendships made, and see the photographs they've all taken.

This week, Contiki traveler Kennard Medina shared his experience on the Thai Island Hopper West (his second Contiki tour after taking European Magic back in 2012). Check out his write-up and some photos from his trip!

Guest Blog Post by Kennard Medina aka “Passport Kenny”

Thai Island Hopper West March 2- March 10, 2013

“My Leap Of Faith”

The story goes like this: Danny Schulz, a friend of mine that I actually had met on my first Contiki Tour (European Magic, September 2012) was telling me about his upcoming trip to Thailand, which was also to be through Contiki..and said “Ken, you should come!” …

And well, the rest is history.

It was much more so a leap of faith, I was so fixated on the idea of conquering the whole continent of Europe that I neglected other continents such as South America, & Asia. Ironic, considering a good portion of my childhood was spent in the Philippines.

All in all, this dive into the unknown rewarded me with an experience I will not soon forget. It would be such a daunting task to pick one exact favorite moment, as there are endless moments to choose from. From the first dinner and night out in Phuket, literally being terrified walking through Bangla Road, our day trips conquering each island, to having my heart taken from me in a second by this one girl from our tour on the barefooted paradise that is Koh Phi Phi, beach parties, the neon party (what a crazy night), and to the endless nights where it felt like the world was at the very helm of our palms. The sights of Thailand amazed me, but it was the group of people I was with, that took my breath away. I looked back in my travel journal and found a little piece I had written halfway through the trip.

“My lust to wander is at its peak. My amazement for my new group of friends from various parts of the world, warms my heart excessively. I have yet a chance to cease at the amazement. A life time of bliss packed into a 9 day run. The corners of my smile turn up in a way they haven’t in such a long time. All thanks to this group of people. Bits and pieces of my heart now reside in Australia, New Zealand, the UK & Canada. The World…really is Yours…Maybe Not To Keep.. But To Share”

The famed "Forrest Gump" saying goes "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get," I'd like to add on by saying "And you'll never know until you reach out and try".