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Contiki provides the trip of a lifetime for 18-35's. We take care of everything so you can make every moment count.

After all your late nights of studies (and some of fun), you deserve a lil' adventure. Plus, you'll learn a thing or two about different cultures, meet new people, and gain new perspective, so technically you'll learn while having the time of your life. Now that's what we call making every moment count and those are words we live by! Life is there to be lived, make sure you look back with no regrets.

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Top Contiki Experiences

Berlin & Prague Tour

discover prague’s medieval castle & cafes

Do it on the 7-day Berlin & Prague
European Discovery Tour

Whitewater raft & mountain bike in Austria

Do it on the 13-day European Discovery
Greek Island Hopping Tour

Go island hopping in Greece

Do it on the 13-day Greek Island Hopping
Amsterdam to Barcelona

Cruise the canals in Amsterdam

Do it on the 11-day Amsterdam to Barcelona
European Whirl

Ride a gondola in Venice

Do it on the 19-day European Whirl

5 reasons
this summer is

your summer

1) You deserve it. College is not a walk in the park! You’ve studied hard and now it’s time for the ultimate reward – a Contiki trip.

2) Your résumé needs some sparkle. The best way to get some real-world experience is to see it. Being well-traveled looks good on your résumé. It proves that you’re invested in global knowledge, appreciate different cultures, and have life experience.

3) You’re not tied down...yet. Like most college students, after graduation you might be moving home for a short stint to save up money and get on your working feet. With no rent to tie you down and half your belongings already packed, nothing’s holding you back!

4) You have unlimited vacation time (but not for long). Once you start working, say goodbye to your summers – unless you’re a teacher. The average American accumulates only 2 weeks of vacation per year. Now’s the time to take off and do some traveling. “If not now, when?”

5) Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer - which makes a Contiki trip the ideal gift! Now’s the time to start hinting to friends & family that all you want for Christmas & your birthday is a Contiki to Europe this summer!

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