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Again, this is all dependent on where you’re travelling to. For trips to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, a backpack will be your best bet. Oversized suitcases or metal framed backpacks are a no-go due to luggage limitations, but you can bring a smaller bag to pack for the Galapagos, leaving your main suitcase at the hotel in Guayaquil to collect on return.

On our Australia trips which include sailing and/or 4-wheel drive trips, there is a super small luggage space so again, make sure you bring along a small bag to transfer your essentials into. Your regular luggage will be stored back at base.

On European ski trips and New Zealand trips with a ski option you have the option to bring one pair of skis and ski boots, to show off your pro skiing skills.

Other than what's mentioned above, travelling with a backpack or suitcase is totally up to you. Weigh up the pros and cons of each here.

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