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Food in the USA especially Milk .. Help

11 Jun 2013 Alicia asked


Hey all, So I'm intrigued to know what to expect food wise in the US as I have heard mixed reviews. I'm a huge coffee fan, however I have heard that the milk is different than what we use in Australia? I am sensitive to full cream milk (not actually classed as lactose free, and different symptoms) so I only drink lactose free (not soy!! Yuck!!) or skim milk. My concern is that some say there is no skim type milk and most cafe's use "half and half" which is half full cream milk half cream? Can anyone tell me if there is in fact skim milk? Or equivalent ?? (I don't plan on throwing up the whole time away!!) As for food, what am I to expect? I'm like most typical Australians, and don't eat a large amount of food, fats etc. but I understand culture is culture and there is no use experiencing something without tasting their food .. I have a bit of time up my sleeve but I would like to be organised before I leave Thanks in advance :-) Alicia

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  • 11 Jun 2013 Stephey88 said


    Hi most cafes and places should have different options milk wise depending on where you go (if your in smaller towns and such not sure if they will). I will admit when it comes to coffee the Americans make it strong if I drink coffee in the states I normally have to ask for half the shot. Food on the most is large servings however it all depends on the places you eat at what to expect they have a huge range of cultures and you can find everything in large towns/cities like here. I think the most surprising food wise I was served “tater tots” with breakfast they turned out to be potato gems their idea of hash browns I think.

  • 11 Jun 2013 Kelly said


    Hi Alicia, I’m American and while I can’t quite answer your question on American food versus Australian food I can safely answer pretty much everywhere you go there is the option for skim milk and most places also have non dairy (in both powdered and liquid forms) creamers available. Don’t be afraid to ask, most places will be happy to oblige oh and if you get a chance to stop by a grocery store or drug store like CVS or walgreens you could always pick up Coffeemate (non dairy creamer) or the store brand version too.

  • 11 Jun 2013 Alicia said


    Thanks guys, that’s great to know ..
    I’m travelling solo on the wild western, but I have a few days free before the tour starts, so I will make sure I hit the supermarkets to find what I need.

    Thanks so much :-)

  • 18 Jun 2013 bronn said


    The bread is sweet.. gross! and im the same with the milk situation. dont get the iced coffees as its literally water with coffee syrup i almost died when i had it haha

  • 18 Jun 2013 Jessica said


    Hey, I’m glad to tell you the coffee is strong here.

  • 21 Jun 2013 Jess said


    I lived in the US for 6months and the food is, in general, quite delicious. Healthy? Definitely NOT! But you gotta just live up and have some unhealthy American treats while you’re there haha! I agree with Bronn.. most of the bread has sugar in it and is really quite gross, even having burgers from fast food places tastes different because of the bread. Expect huge portion sizes as well.. small is never small! My favourite fast food places were Taco Bell and Five Guys.. and restaurants like Applebees.. yum! In saying this, there are lots of healthy options as well (generally more expensive than fast food!), and the best supermarket for healthy good food I found to be was Publix.

  • 21 Jun 2013 Alicia said


    Thanks Gals,

    Jessica, Frozen yoghurt? OMG mixed ideas on that .. but If I get the chance I will try it
    Bronn I actually done mind iced americano (espresso watered down) as long as it has a sweetener in it :)
    Jess, I’m fairly certain I need to pack my fat pants … just in case :)

    Kelly, the liquid non dairy creamer, does that come in smaller tetra packs? (like mini milk cartons?) suitable for me to pack in my luggage?

    getting excited now :) only 115 days to go ..!


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