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Luggage weight limits when doing two tours?

16 Jun 2013 Jess asked


Hey guys
I'm planning on doing two tours in the US next year (LA to the Bay and North By North East) with a week in between them and about 5 days before the tours start. I know its going to be nearly impossible to stay under the 20kg limit when I'm there for that long, especially when I like to shop! Does anyone have any tips?
Obviously I'll try to pack as lightly as I can going over but.. jeez, it's tricky!! Haha so any tips are much appreciated!

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  • 16 Jun 2013 hayleyhorowitz said


    I’m in the same boat – I think it’s just a matter of trying not too fill up the suitcase too much on the first tour Haha I know clearly impossible!

  • 16 Jun 2013 Jess said


    I know! It’s going to be so hard!!

  • 20 Jun 2013 kellym777 said


    My tip would be put all the heavy things in the bag you will take on the bus. When I did my europe tour they only weighed the suitcase, not any onboard luggage so I just put all my toiletries etc in my backpack. After the first day they don’t weigh it so once you reach your first destination just put everything back in your suitcase. When I did a USA tour in 2008 they didn’t even weigh our suitcases but that may have changed since then. Hope that helps! :)

  • 20 Jun 2013 Jess said


    Oh thats a good tip! Maybe I’ll get lucky too and they won’t weight the bags! Does anyone know how strict they are if you are over? Will they make you leave stuff behind?

  • 20 Jun 2013 kellym777 said


    They are strict. They made one of the guys on my tour open his suitcase in the middle of the hotel lobby and take stuff out to make it underweight. he luckily was only a little over he could put it in his on board bag

  • 20 Jun 2013 Jess said


    Ooh good to know!! Thanks!

  • 1 Jul 2013 tracysyd said


    I was full stressing about them weighing bags on my wild western trip and try never even looked at ours. Maybe because it was at most a two week tour for people or maybe it just depends on staff but wasn’t a problem for us

  • 4 Aug 2013 bronn said


    send stuff home in a box =)

  • 14 Sep 2013 luke_taylor1 said


    They weren’t to strict on the tour I did, but keep in mind there is washing machines in most hotels.

  • 23 Sep 2013 Timmy13 said


    I’m going to be doing 2 tours as well but i’m there for about 7 weeks so it will be hard trying to fit everything into 1 bag. I’m hoping their not to strict being that i’m doing a 2 long tours.

  • 5 Oct 2013 kellym777 said


    just got back from my 2nd america tour and they didnt weigh anyones bags though will not let you bring more than one.

  • 14 Mar 2014 Georgie said


    Hey jess,

    My Friend and I did two contikis last year one in america and one in greece and i found that i had to be really strict with my packing. i packed everything i thought i wanted to take, then halved that then weighed it and then tried to get it under 10kgs so i could do a lot of shopping.

    My biggest advice is take things that you can mix and match and take different accessories to change your look i found this was the easiest. also if you start off with less clothes you get to buy more WIN!

    have fun :)

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