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weight gain or loss?

6 Nov 2010 Jodi90 asked

Guys this seems stupid, but i suppose all girls are worried about it. Im heading to europe in winter for a month and i was wondering what peoples expierences were with weight gain or maybe some people expierence weight loss. I excercise everyday with weights and cardio so im guessing with my massive drop in exersise ill put on weight.... But what are your expierences?
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  • 6 Nov 2010 EatPrayLove said


    I actually lost weight in Europe- despite the copious amounts of food and drink! The reason was almost every day you are walking a fair way, all over cities, up and down hills,up and down stairs, sometimes in pretty hot weather. I remember I walked for an entire day through the vatican and rome in the scorching sun and was totally exhausted at the end. Some days you are on the bus but I really think that the amount of exercise you will be getting almost every day will balance it all out.. we had one fitness freak on our trip and he went for a run every morning while the rest of us were dozing…

  • 6 Nov 2010 ryan_m said


    I was in Europe for 2 and a half weeks. And I lost 15 pounds.

  • 15 Nov 2010 Talena said


    I find every time I go on holidays I lose weight even after drinking and eating heaps of bad foods! Because you are doing a lot of walking nearly every day it seems to sort of balance it out! Try not to worry about it too much, just think about having fun instead and if you did put on a little weight, no big deal you will have plenty of time to lose it when you get home!

  • 15 Nov 2010 NaHdz said


    I lost a few kilos too! I didn’t really eat that much more than I do at home and your constantly active doing city tours etc so I wouldn’t really worry

  • 15 Nov 2010 cassie said


    I lost weight… I went in july and found that lots of the time it was too hot to eat.. I think spent about 300 euro on bottled water though…
    also there were many days when I replaced my meals with ‘liquid meals’ of vodka and wine hahaha

    and all the exercise definately helped..

  • 23 Nov 2010 Explorer1219196 said


    I am an extremely fussy eater and concerned that I won’t like majority of the food. I am going on the Winter Wanderer tour in March 2011.

    Does anyone know if there’s any tablets or something I can take as a replacement of a meal should I not like the food, but I am hungry?

  • 4 Feb 2013 Franz said


    It’s all in moderation in how much you eat and what you eat.If the hotels you are staying at have a Fitness Facilities and a Pool Take Full Advantage of it in conjunction with the walks on the sightseeing days in the major cities.Stick to your Normal Diet.On the day before the tour assuming one arrives in London My Tip is once you get to the pre tour hotel and change into an exercise outfit for a workout of some type and grab a late lunch say 3pm locally at a Subway Store in conjunction with doing a hop on hop off bus tour of the sights like I did in 2011 on my first visit to the UK.I don’t know what they can do in Europe if you don’t like what’s on offer but am sure the restaurant can offer something.I am having a funny flashback to the one time I went to Bali and while the majority of us were able to eat the food no problems there were two Australians who were picky about their food which was a shock particularly to me.I was the old timer who had done some Asian Trips in the past before that.

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