What travel insurance do they offer?

21 Mar 2012 FredtheTraveller asked


I am a student just finishing school and was thinking about taking a European tour as a kind of graduation present to myself, but I am on a budget and I'm trying to save some money. I have been planning on taking a tour but before I decide I was just wondering what travel insurance company does Contiki offer to clients and how much does it cost? For example if I were to go on a 14 day tour what would the per day rate be?

  • 25 Mar 2012 xxcourtxx said


    Contiki don’t offer travel insurance from themselves. You’d have to go through a company (they won’t be associated with Contiki) and it depends where you go, how much cover you need and how long you go for to see what the price is going to be.
    Check out Covermore, that’s who I’m going with. Really good cover, 36 days and I think it cost about $250 ish. Includes cancellation cover and a $250 excess if you need to make a claim

  • 26 Mar 2012 Bec14 said


    ive always gone with covermore, they are fantastic.
    our european trip (sept) cost $125 for 24 days.
    just make sure if you do travel, travel insurance is a must.



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