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11 Dec 2007 Lauren87 said

Just wondering, on the timeout/hotel tours is it always two to a room? <BR>I am going with my fiance so yeah just wanna know whether or not we will always have a room to ourselves?<BR>Cheers <img src="" alt="Smiler" width="15" height="15"><!--graemlin::)-->
  • 11 Dec 2007 ashleightara said


    Yes hotel tours always give you a double/twin share room unless you have the triple share discount or have paid the single supplement.

    You should always have a room to yourself. Where possible your TM will arrange a double, but in some cases you may find you have to have a twin share room.

  • 11 Dec 2007 Lauren87 said


    Thanks Ashleigh!! Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 3 Jan 2008 Bliss Madonna said

    Bliss Madonna

    hi there, i did a hotel tour and we had about 3 triple rooms, one single room and the rest were doubles. just when you book, tell your agent that you want a double room and you should be fine.



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