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Ultimate European + Egypt March 2013

21 Jul 2012 pilbara_dust asked


Hi im from Australia - I know its early but is anyone looking at going on this tour late March next year? It will be great to know who would be going - Looking forward to the ANZAC service in 2013. Super Excited hope you are too!

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  • 22 Jul 2012 Kiwikarly86 said


    I just came back from this tour. Was honestly the best time of my life!! Have fun :)

  • 15 Aug 2012 Rachael_Bee said


    I’m going to be on this tour, except in doing the Greek Islands option :) I’m so excited about it even though it’s still ages away!!

    @Kiwikarly: Do you mind answering a question I have about the carry on luggage we can have in the bus?
    I was looking at getting this:
    Which will be fine for my flights, but will 60 × 29 × 29cm be far too big for the bus?
    Any help would be appreciated :)

  • 16 Aug 2012 Kiwikarly86 said


    Not sure what you mean as per carry on. Do you mean as your only piece?? The measurements are fine as nobody measures your bag- it only gets weighed on day one of your tour prior to departure. They are VERY strict on weight.

    This will be perfect for some of the stops where an overnight bag is required. An example is the Rhine Valley where there is no lift and it is better to have an overnight bag than lugg ALL your stuff up stairs for 1 night. Was good for the “Egyptians” to use for the week in Egypt and we had our main luggage locked underneath the bus in Athens.

    One tip I have is bear in mind that it is all good to splurge after Day 1 but there is only limited space on board and it gets full quickly. We found that by the last week the air-con wasnt working as well as the overhead spaces were so crammed that no air could get through lol. I was a bit sneaky though. I put things I wanted to post back home in my overnight bag which I left under my bus seat (we all liked our regular spots and Driver Brian was happy with it). It meant everything was separate and I didnt have to re-sort everything and saved time in Amsterdam (Cheapest postage in Europe!!)

  • 16 Aug 2012 Rachael_Bee said


    Thanks Karly!! That’s so much help :)
    Sorry, I should have clarified about carry on, I’m taking a suitcase but I was thinking about the bag for on the plane and the bus to double as my overnight bag. I looked at it today (I had only seen it on the website before) and it was really pretty big. So I’m probably going to get a smaller size that I can use as my overnight/bus bag, which will hopefully fit heaps of stuff but not take up too much room :)

  • 16 Aug 2012 pilbara_dust said


    Hi Rachel_Bee,
    oh im so excited that you are going on this trip tooo!!! this is my first contiki tour and first time to europe so i have alot to plan. I was thinking of going on the greek tour! but i’ve always wanted to go to egypt! I too am deciding on what kind of bag to take. I know that I will be travelling light as possible, to bring home more souvenirs!! – I think your bag is a great choice for an overnight bag. – I am going to take a check in bag with wheels & messenger bag, then a compact overnight bag that can fold away in my check in bag. -


  • 17 Aug 2012 Rachael_Bee said


    Hey Pilbara_dust :) It’s going to be my first Contiki too!!
    Will you be starting the tour in London or Paris?

  • 18 Aug 2012 pilbara_dust said


    London! for two days before the tour to get over jet –lag, then do a bit of sightseeing.
    What about you? Have you decided were to start? @kiwikarly86 – Any tips about travelling in the bus from city to city. I read that the bus stops every 3 hours. Do you think that was ample time in the coach? Any thing you would suggest about things to take on the bus or things to keep you occuped for that period of time.
    Much appriciated.

  • 19 Aug 2012 Rachael_Bee said


    I’m going to start in Paris, I have seven days in London then I’ll be in Paris for two days before the tour starts :) I wanted to have a bit more time to look around Paris – and spend a whole day at the Louvre!

  • 19 Aug 2012 pilbara_dust said


    That sounds great Rachel, is this your first time to europe? . Well after our tour I will be spending two weeks in Spain & London, then heading to Berlin where I will be starting the Scandinavia & Russia tour. I am going to try and see as much as I can – So I am super excited!!!

  • 23 Aug 2012 Rachael_Bee said


    It’s my first time in Europe (it won’t be my last though)! The Russia and Scandinavia tour looks awesome, it’s so awesome that your doing both tours!!

  • 1 Sep 2012 ZAC said


    My girlfriend and i are planing to go on this tour but in aug next year we cant wait
    I was woundering but, what camera type are you planing to take we are thinking a DSLR but worried it will get stolen or get in our way as it is big and bulky.

  • 5 Sep 2012 pilbara_dust said


    Well I will be taking my Canon DSLR camera – and Canon point and shoot – there sure are alot of places that I would love to get great landcape photos while sightseeing. My point and shoot will be used for dinners and social events. compact and easy to carry – I suggest you dont worrie about the camera getting stolen. as long as you keep all your belongings safe- then there should be know problem.

  • 26 Sep 2012 Jensy86 said


    Hey everyone, i’m booking this tour next week – doing the greek island option :). It’s my first time out of Aus & i’m trevelling solo so i’m very excited/nervous/scared! I’m applying for a working visa – is anyone else hanging around after the tour? :)

  • 30 Oct 2012 Rohel said


    hey i think im also doing this one, if i can decide between the islands or egypt :)

  • 30 Oct 2012 monnieann said


    Hi @kiwikarly86: could you please answer a question for me??
    I am going over to Egypt in May next year, do you have to arrange a visa or do you buy your visa when you land at the airport at Cairo?? Can anyone tell me?

  • 30 Oct 2012 monnieann said


    Hi @pilbara_dust i will be doing the ANZAC Tour in 2013 too. C u there :-) Also do you know anything about the Visa’s. Can you get them when you land in Turkey or do you need to pre arrange them?? Same with Egypt if anyone can help!!!!
    Thank you!!!!

  • 31 Oct 2012 Kiwikarly86 said


    Hey guys. You can either get the Egyptian Visa’s before you leave through your travel agent or at the airport in Cairo. I arranged my Egypt one before I left so I knew it was done, but the majority of the group did theirs altogether at the airport as it was slightly cheaper. Up to you though, Turkish one is at the border but your manager will let you know about that in advance.

    Im glad I chose the Egypt one. If you are having a hard time maybe go for the Egypt one as it is better in a group (esp if you are a first time/nervous solo traveller like me) and maybe do Greek Islands after the tour i.e couple of nights in Santorini?? Just an idea I know a couple of people have done that in the past. Egypt is a totally different culture and has been a bit unstable in the past so some people would rather do it as a group with people they know. Also depends if you want a break in the middle of your tour. The 45 days is a bit intense so do you wanna have a island break in the middle where you party every night and sleep, tan, ride quads all day or do you wanna go to a completely different country where the culture and history is so different and you are on the go all day and passing out at night (not alot of drinking as muslim state) except for relaxing on a cruise and snorkling in the red sea. I personally chose Egypt as I figured if I only had one shot at getting to Europe, I might as well try to see everything I want to in that part of the world. Again up to you :)

  • 31 Oct 2012 pilbara_dust said


    Hi guys, @jensy86. I’m going to arrange the egypt visa before I leave. that way I am prepared when I get over there. Also I’m thinking of pre booking tickets to the museums and places I want to see. this will be worth looking into, as you do not want to wait in line for ages to try get to one place. When in europe I m going to try do as much as possible. attempt every optional and meet lots of different people. @monniearn – are you also doing this tour in March too? -

    @kiwikarly, great info. What type of accomodation did you stay at along the way? and is it true that the bus departs at the crack of dawn? or in the earlier hours of the morning? do people have time to get ready or eat breakfast? thanks sooo much. – much apreciated.

  • 31 Oct 2012 monnieann said


    Thanks heaps for the info guys!!!
    @pilbara_dust i’m doing the Anzac tour then flying over to Egypt to do that one, i think i get one spare day in Cairo in between, just a quick trip over for me this time.

  • 1 Nov 2012 Matty said


    Just booked this same tour for March next year and doing the Egypt option as well. Can’t wait it looks amazing! :)

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