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flooding...problem for contiki trips?

10 Jan 2011 Rob1982 asked

Ok so im due to start a 2 week contiki trip down the east coast from Cairns to Sydney in the middle of february and i'm hearing all about the flooding in Brisbaine and surrounding areas. Does anyone know if tours on the east coast (either stopping in, or travelling through) flooded areas is going to cause us a great deal of trouble?
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  • 10 Jan 2011 NCStateAlum said


    Yes, I just got back. We did not get to go to the Cattle farm, instead stayed in a hotel and went a Croc farm which apparently is now also flooded. Another Contiki group that started in Sydney going to Cairns was going to skip some of places and be flown to the Whitsundays.

    You should call Contiki, but it’s still a little far out for them to know for sure.

  • 11 Jan 2011 Explorer1178368 said


    yea i live in sydney and it looks like its going to only get worse i am planning to go to brisbane for australia day but now im concurned deffeniatly get in touch with contiki

  • 11 Jan 2011 Lauren said


    I’m doing Beaches and Reefs starting in Cairns on Jan 29th. I called Contiki today and I was told that the current tours are spending an extra day in the Whitsundays and flying over the effected areas.

  • 12 Jan 2011 Rob1982 said


    lauren, im doing your same trip, just leaving 2 weeks later. it would be greatly appreciated for you to post again on the matter when you go at the end of jan. and let me know what the story is by that point. i’m RELIEVED that they arent cancelling tours, just adjusting them accordingly b/c ive already had my new zealand tour cancelled due to low enrollment, and after finally picking up the pieces and having to entirely replan my 2 week visit to NZ, id hate to have my australia trip thrown down the toilet…

  • 13 Jan 2011 Explorer1227377 said


    Hi there,
    Can we be sure that tours won’t be cancelled?
    I’ve booked Beaches & Reefs with sailing from Cairns to Sydney on 5th March 2011…

  • 13 Jan 2011 Rob1982 said


    ok, well if you dont have your trip ‘til march im fairly sure by THAT point things will have settled down and you’re more than likely to be ok. even MY trip that leaves in a month is probably going to be ok (fingers crossed)… i just wanted to know if anyone had input on what contiki has been doing as contingencies for those trips that are going right now while things are at their worst. ‘cause if they’re managing to run trips now, im sure they won’t have problems in a month.

  • 13 Jan 2011 RebeccaAnn said


    Hi Guys

    Just wanted to let you guys know whats going on from someone living in Australia. So far ive seen contiki are continuing tours as normally as possible, as already meantioned they are just changing some of the days you spend in different places.

    I think the BEST thing you can do is contact contiki, now or if your tour isnt for a month or something get in contact with them a bit later on.

    As far as I know with the situation…almost all of the state of QLD has been affected by flooding, even in Toowoomba there was an “in land tsunami”. Qld’ers are suffering badly, and its going to take years to rebuild their lives, and get the state back to the way it was.

    Its not stopping there though. We have currently a cyclone warning for the north. Flooding is also affecting the northern border of New South Wales, it will continue down through the state and hit Victoria aswell.

    It has also been brought to my attention today that unfortunately Tasmania is suffering from floods aswell.

    I know some of these areas contiki dont even travel to but I wanted to let you know that this is such a terrifying time for all Australian’s (we’ve also had floods in Western Australia) and we need all the help we can get!! I know it must be annoying when you’ve been looking forward to a tour and having paid for it and everything but think about those that are suffering after losing EVERYTHING including family!!

    I hope all of your tours continue as normally as possible and you all have a great time.

  • 14 Jan 2011 Rob1982 said


    RebeccaAnn, i really appreciate that update and i must say (b/c i havent said it on this forum discussion yet, but it has absolutely been on my mind). AS MUCH as we worry and stress over our fun little vacations, after booking time off, and arranging flights and activities and the likes, i ASSURE YOU. more than anything, my heart goes out MOST SINCERELY to all the aussie’s who arent just ‘stopping in for a short visit’, but instead, LIVING THERE, LOSING EVERYTHING in some cases, having to uproot their entire lives and relocate, etc. I cant even IMAGINE being in such a position myself, and i wouldnt wish such devistation and destruction to my worst enemy. so please, PLEASE, dont mistake mine, or any other poster on this thread’s comments or concerns regarding our vacations as selfish and ignorant to the loss and suffering many tens (if not hundreds) of THOUSANDS of people in queensland and surrounding areas are experiencing right now. If i could do something to help matters i absolutley would! As a matter of fact, i work in construction/renovations. ive booked 6 weeks off my job to travel down under. if i had my way (if i woudlnt lose my job back home) id prolong my stay, get a work visa, and help to REBUILD areas affected by the flooding. help to bring homes back to those who have lost theirs. It breaks my heart to see so many lose so much, and have me come in and travel through and move on back to my wellbeing Frowner<!--graemlin::(-->

    My hat goes off to the bunch of you aussies, and i have the greatest hopes that there will be no more destruction and devistation to this great number of peoples who have had more than ANYONE’S rightful fair share.

  • 15 Jan 2011 Lauren said


    Rob, I will definitely keep you updated on how my tour is affected.

  • 16 Jan 2011 AnaA said


    Hi everyone, my friend and I are also planning to do the Beaches and Reefs on March 5th with the Fiji stopover first. Please keep us posted on how the end of Jan and Feb tours go. I called contiki this week and was advised they don’t plan to cancel any tours but will make necessary adjustments and fly over affected areas if needed.

  • 17 Jan 2011 Beks said


    Hi folks,

    Our team are keeping a watchful eye on what’s going on and are doing everything possible to keep you all safe and sound.

    Because Australia is so large, and your tours cover a wide area, only a small part of the itineraries have been affected.

    The biggest areas causing an adjustment is avoiding the Rockhampton Farm Stay (flying over and staying an extra night in the Whitsundays) and a road closure near Hervey Bay where the boat goes to Fraser Island (you’ll take a detour and stay an extra night in Noosa).

    Rest assured they’re doing their best to make sure the fun doesn’t stop, and if anything else is affected they’ll be on it.

    Does that help? I know it’s a very worrying time and our thoughts are with everyone affected (whether you’re an Australian or have your tour adjusted).

    Go and enjoy yourselves and have a great time. Bring back stories of the fun you’ve had!


    PS Rob – you should be OK by Feb but some of the local activities may be swapped around.

    Update: Just had word from the team that the main highway between Sydney & Cairns has re-opened so the tours that were due to fly can now go by coach. Looks like they’ll need to tweak a few of the activities around Brisbane though – because there’s a lot to be done to restore the area, they need to be careful the activities don’t impact on recovery and restoration so you might see a slightly different side of the city than usual Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 22 Jan 2011 Rob1982 said


    well i’ve heard fraser island is quite a highlight, so i hope by the mid/end of feb when i’m due to be there, things are back to normal ‘cause i look forward to seeing it Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

    thanks so much Beks! that was a really useful and much appreciated update Big Grin<!--graemlin::D-->

    I cant believe i leave for Oz in 1 week tomorrow!!! i couldn’t possibly be more excited if i tried Big Grin<!--graemlin::D--> Big Grin<!--graemlin::D--> Big Grin<!--graemlin::D-->

  • 22 Jan 2011 Beks said


    Hey Rob,

    As far as I understand Fraser Island is still on the itinerary… just the way around to it was altered Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

    Have an AMAZING time – you’re going to absolutely love it!! Take lots of snaps!! We want to see what you saw and how much fun you had.

    Safe travels.

    ~Beks Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 23 Jan 2011 Rob1982 said


    ive got every intention of taking lots of ‘snaps’ (thats a fun new slang i havent heard) on my trips. ive got 30GB of memory for my camera, im gonna take heaps pictures! hehe

  • 24 Jan 2011 lottie1981 said


    are the tours still going to the country homestead ?

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