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New Zealand Spending money?

24 Jan 2013 lozen89 asked


So im planning on going to new zealand over new years for roughly 18 days (including tour) and i need to know how much to budget for. Anyone got any ideas from past experiences or estimations?

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  • 24 Jan 2013 Teiya said


    I just recently went over to NZ for 19 days and did my entire trip for AUD$2000 ($100 per day) including flights, insurance, food, hire car, spending money – EVERYTHING! I went with 3 other friends so I decided to just book everything myself through a travel agent and not do a tour.
    It depends really on what you plan on doing over there – New Zealand is such a beautiful country, I was amazed at the scenery and didn’t care too much about doing any big activities. I went with 3 friends – one of them did bungy jumping for NZ$180. I’ve heard that Queenstown has the best whitewater rafting. I did a horse riding trek in Christchurch – I probably wouldn’t recommend it as it was very slow.
    A website which is VERY helpful for cheap activities is – I booked all my activities on that. I also would recommend getting yourself a multi currency passport (debit/credit card) from Australia Post before purchasing any activities or accommodation otherwise you’ll be charged an international fee.
    In NZ, Especially the South Island it’s about 3-5hours between cities (which isn’t much compared to Aus but on a bus it’d be quite slow) I was in a car with my friends, we overtook SOOO many buses, campervans and such. But in saying that it is a very beautiful country!
    Hope this helps :) All the best with your travels.

  • 24 Jan 2013 lozen89 said


    Wow. Thanks so much! Don’t get how you did it so cheap but hats off to you!
    I went to America last year with contiki and way over budgeted for spending. Whilst its better to have to much I just need to know a base average. So thanks!
    Was there much in Auckland to see?
    And what about Christchurch? I will probably stay one night before and after but not sure about 2? Anything you highly recommend doing?

  • 24 Jan 2013 Teiya said


    I’d highly recommend booking through Flight Centre – because if you take a VERY cheap flight to them they have to beat it. Anyway, Cities – I honestly didn’t see any of Auckland as I was told it’s just like a normal tourist town – lot’s of tourists everywhere. But Christchurch is a different story – I stayed there my last night before flying home to Brisbane. Christchurch is still a mess from the earthquakes and everything, it’s quite sad but it’s quite a sight to look at. They’ve made shipping containers as their shops, sooo many roads are closed and blocked off. They have a big shopping centre there still and it’s still quite populated. Also, if you are planning on staying at a backpackers in Christchurch make sure it still exists as we were lead thinking that the Base Backpackers was up and running but really it wasn’t open. Locals will say not to go to Christchurch but I honestly thought it was interesting to see what’s happened in the city. What NZ tour are you planning on doing? North or South island? 
    I highly recommend going to the Ice Bar in Queenstown, it’s pretty cool. I got a $15 ticket via – great website! .I’ll get back to you about more..

  • 26 Jan 2013 Michelle said


    I have found booking through flight centre a huge disappointment when I went to US and got stung with extra car costs that the travel agent stuffed up and they said we will sort it out when you get back but I never got that $400 US back. I book all my flights myself from Aus to NZ, most recently through air new zealand because they also have virgin flights. And for any accommodation I always like expedia. Booking contiki direct through this website is excellent.

    I am off to NZ end march and doing sweet as reverse tour and then spending a week after in christchurch (family there) but will get rental car and do some day excursions and I reckon I will end up spending 2500 for 2 week holiday including flights/ contiki/spending/extras.

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