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2 Feb 2013 Glenda asked


I am travelling from the UK to the USA for the Grand Southern tour which means I will be there for 30 days in total. I have a UK passport and I believe this makes me eligible to apply for a visa waiver for travelling to USA.

Has anyone ever used a visa waiver for a USA trip with Contiki? Should I apply for a visa waiver or a tourist visa? I am unsure because I will be travelling around USA not staying in one place for the whole time. Will I need to give all the hotel addresses to apply?

I have tried looking on the visa waiver website and am still a little confused so any advice would be appreciated.


  • 7 Feb 2013 Kenny said


    Yes Glenda! I am also asking mine one too! You should be fine if you are using UK passport. Staying under 90 days (just 30 days). Make sure you should have enough fund ($2500 – $3000) and US address (Hostel or hotel, else) for the first night from LAX…..This is also my first time to use esta and VWP so I feel nervous too. ;)

    And it is Mandatory to apply esta:

    We are on the same boat! I need more people to answer this!

    This is my version, using Aussie passport and staying 39 days. Please have a look! :)

    Thanks Glenda

  • 7 Feb 2013 Kenny said


    so you will be fine…the immigration officer will ask us some questions too regarding your intention of your stay :) Such as why are you coming to the US and how long will you stay.



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