Getting the departure pack early and getting there early

24 Mar 2009 Explorer1128180 said

Hi all,<BR>I have a few questions that are specific to my situation, anyone who has been in a similar one or just knows the answers please let me know!<BR><BR>I am going to be in Europe for a month before my Contiki tour doing a study abroad program, so I won't be at home when Contiki mails my travel documents etc. Is there a way to get my departure pack mailed a month or so early? Who should I talk to about this?<BR><BR>Also, I am planning on doing a tour that starts in Athens, and it looks like the cheapest/best flight I could take would get me in at 10:30 pm the day before the tour starts. How do I arrange accomodation for that first night before the tour starts, or can Contiki do it for me? I would obviously pay the hotel's normal nightly rate, but it would be really nice if I could check into the ACTUAL hotel Contiki uses a day early, instead of having to switch hotels 12 hours later.<BR><BR>thanks so much!!!
  • 25 Mar 2009 TravellingLiz said


    Just let your travel agent know your departure date out of Australia to advsie Contiki and you should get your documents before you leave.

    Also same with the night, just book one night pre tour, this is available on most if not all tours.

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