Big Apple Explorer Hotel

16 Jul 2008 Explorer1085990 said

I don't want to sound like a princess but i've read some terrible reviews about the Marrakesh and it sounds like the bed bug problem is still on-going. Some recent photos on tripadvisor showed a guy with some nasty looking bites all over his body. In a situation like that is there any kind of protocol for getting out of an unhygenic hotel like that, when your on a tour with everyone? Would it be ok to leave the hotel? Would the tour manager do anything about it? refund of money?
  • 20 Jul 2008 PinaI said


    First things first, if you do end up in any hotel which is unhygenic/dirty/bug infested then I would definitely call your TM to come and check it out.

    I would presume that your TM will do everything in his/her power to get you a new room as fast as possible, if they can.

    On the very odd occasion that that might not be possible (ie: if the hotel is fully booked) then, knowing the way Contiki TM’s operate, I can again say that I presume they will do everything they possibly can to rectify the situation as quickly as possible.

    Also, for the record, I do not think you’re a “princess” for asking this question. If I was in a room infested by bed bugs I too would be ensuring the problem was fixed, and fast.



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