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Advice on the 46 day camping tour!

29 Oct 2007 darkwaltzxx said

I'd LOVE to do it .. but I have a few questions!<BR><BR>1. Is it, well not bad, but annoying that you only get to spend a day or so at each destination?<BR><BR>2. Does it get really hot? Like sweaty, death hot? lol!<BR><BR>3. What are you bathrooms and stuff like?<BR><BR>Thanks =D
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  • 4 Nov 2007 Alice&Mick said


    It can be annoying to spend only 1 night at some places and more time at others. This is the sort of tour you take to get an overall feel for the places you’d like to return to.

    It can get very hot. Was 45 degrees in Greece but that was at Corfu so cool down in the water. In France it rained to it varies.

    Most of the bathrooms were fine, like at a normal campsite. One site was unbearable but we only stayed there one night. Other than that, better than expected in my opinion.

  • 8 Nov 2007 jess******* said


    I went late August to early October so never got deathly hot! In fact some places it was quite cold, especially at night in our tents!! But as long as you have a sleeping bag you will be fine!
    As for the toilets, i think ALice and Mack are talking about Lake Ohrid, that was quite gross! But its all an experience, don’t let something like a gross bathroom stop you from going!!

  • 9 Nov 2007 loz said


    I am looking to book my 46 day camping trip tomorrow. First time traveller 18yr old female travelling alone. All advice appreciated. Is this a good way to meet people how much daily spending money should I take? Also looking at doing a 3-4 day London tour Am booking to leave on 19th August 2008

  • 10 Nov 2007 jess******* said


    Loz, wasnt sure which of your posts to reply to so picked this one, hopefully you read it cos you sound a little stressed!!
    Honestly i would just go ahead and book it! I just did the 46 day camping and it was honestly the best thing i have ever done!!
    Most people on the tour are travelling alone so dont worry about that, everyone is in the same boat!!! My advice is go to the meeting place on these forums and see if you can find people going on the trip (prob a bit early at the moment thou!!), that way you know a few people when you start your tour so you are not so nervous!! I found it really helped me on my first few days…
    Ummmmm spending money, i spent just over $4000 Australian for the entire tour, that included everything – optionals, food, sightseeing, shopping etc… I didnt do alot of shopping or buy many souveneirs and ate cheaper meals but i did all the optionals and drank a fair bit… There were people who got away with less and some people that spent a whole lot more!! Just depends what you want to do while your there…

    I have alot of advice, i could write pages actually, so probably best if you write me specific questions!!

    As for the London tour, is it the contiki one?? That seems a bit of a rip off to me, i spent two weeks in London and i think you could do everything the tour offers for alot cheaper if you organised it yourself…

    But i definatly think you should book the 46day camping!!!

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