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Tour Name Eastern Road European Discovery European Escapade Mediterranean Highlights (Start Madrid) Mediterranean Highlights (Start Rome) Best of Europe (Start Paris)
Eastern-road-tour-209x146 European-discovery-tour-209x146 European-escapade-tour-209x146 Mediterranean-highlights-tour-209x146 Mediterranean-highlights-reverse-tour-209x146 Best-of-europe-start-paris-tour-209x146
Price Price From US$1999 Price From US$2062 Price From US$3465 Tour Price: US$2895 : US$570 Price From US$2315 Price From US$2285 Price From US$2895 Tour Price: US$2615 : US$280
Duration 13 days 13 days 26 days 13 days 13 days 13 days
Countries Visited 5 Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Poland 7 United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France 8 United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands 3 Spain, France, Italy 3 Italy, France, Spain 5 France, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy
Accommodation Hotels Hotel Hotels Hotel Special Stopovers & Cabins Hotel, Contiki Special Stopover, Hostel, Contiki Village Hotels Hotel Hotels Hotel Hotels Hotel
Availability Next Departure Apr 24, 2016 Available Departures 18 Check Availability Next Departure Mar 23, 2016 Available Departures 76 Check Availability Next Departure Mar 27, 2016 Available Departures 50 Check Availability Next Departure May 14, 2016 Available Departures 7 Check Availability Next Departure May 02, 2016 Available Departures 8 Check Availability Next Departure May 30, 2016 Available Departures 5 Check Availability



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