Last Updated: 24th Feb 2014


It is very much normal for there to be couples on almost every tour, in fact it would be very unusual if there were no couples on any given tour.

Again, no clear generalization can be made due to the diverse nature of the people who choose to travel with Contiki, but it would not be unusual for there to be 5 or 6 couples at least on most tours.

Couples often have just as much (if not more) fun than the singles on the tour (although it can also be said that some singles sometimes have more than enough fun for a whole bus load of couples) – every tour group is unique!

On Concept/Budget tours in Europe your accommodation is usually twin but sometimes quad share. In the case of quad share, a couple will share a room with another couple on tour.

On tours in Australia and New Zealand, if you book quad share as a couple, although there may be occasions where it is possible, Contiki cannot guarantee that you will be able to share with your partner. You are however assured of sharing a room together if you book as twin share with your partner. There are also very occasionally situations such as the Sailing the Whitsundays option in Australia or on the Milford Wanderer in New Zealand where sharing a private room with your partner is not available, even if you book twin share.

Tour Manager Opinions

by – loulou, Tour Manager, Europe

Seeing the world as a couple on Contiki is a wonderful experience, whilst you share your private moments as a couple, you also have 49 other people to talk to and share the bond. Many couples however feel that other Contiki clients don’t talk to them as often as they think the couples want ‘alone time’, however, they end up feeling more left out!

by – Drew Walker, Tour Manager, USA

Some couples are looking to party with the group and some just want a relaxing, hassle free vacation and an opportunity to see all the sights. Contiki can accommodate both types of travelling couples. Even though it is a guided tour, free days allow for couples to pursue their own interests. I would encourage couples to come out with the group for activities, but I can understand if some couples want to devote more of their attentions to each other. This Tour Manager does not require people to change seating partners on a daily basis, aside from 1st day introductions games. Contiki is not just a singles tour. However, if couples want to go their separate ways for a few hours on free days or travelling on the coach, Contiki tours offer the opportunity to make new friends and contacts.


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