Sleeping Bag

Last Updated: 11th Jun 2014

On what tours do you need a sleeping bag?

Sleeping bags are required only when traveling on Contiki Concept/Budget and Camping style tours in Europe.

Why do you need a sleeping bag?

While many of the places you stay on Concept/Budget tours include full bedding, some others (Contiki Villages , for example) do not. Sheets, pillows and pillow cases are always provided but you will need a sleeping bag to sleep under in the evenings.

Likewise on Camping tours, the tents and air mattresses are supplied by Contiki but you will need a sleeping bag to sleep under.

You don’t need to bring a pillow as pillows are provided and are also part of the air mattresses however it’s a good idea to perhaps bring a travel pillow or other small pillow for a little extra comfort and for sleeping on the coach.

Is your sleeping bag included in your luggage limit?

No. Your sleeping bag is separate from your tour luggage limit. Your sleeping bag is not weighed and does not count towards your luggage size restrictions.

Do I have to bring a sleeping bag from home?

No, you don’t have to, but you can if you like. You can also choose purchase a sleeping bag before your tour from the Contiki Basement in London. If you have time you can also go shopping in London and pick up a sleeping bag. You’re more than welcome (and encouraged) to bring your own sleeping bag though.

Please Note: If you book your tour from the USA or Canada, your sleeping bag is included in your tour cost. A voucher for your included sleeping bag is included in your Contiki Travel Documents and you can collect your sleeping bag from the Contiki Basement in London. If you do not have a voucher, you cannot claim your sleeping bag.

What grade of sleeping bag is recommended?

As Concept/Budget and Camping tours only operate during the European summer, it is rare for there to be evenings where you encounter freezing temperatures. A light weight sleeping bag that is suitable for conditions down to about 0° to 10° Celsius (32° to 50° Fahrenheit) is recommended.



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