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European Adventurer
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My European Adventure - Natalie

19 Jun 2015 - 25 Jul 2015

This tour is literally the best thing you will ever do. I was in a group with 52 amazing people and its 1 year on and a huge group of us are still friends and frequently travel around Australia to see each other! This tour is the 'contiki campsites and special stop overs' which means your accommodation is mainly in contiki caravan parks. The sound of that may put you off but what not every one realises is that the contiki camp sites throw awesome parties and there is normally 2 other contiki groups staying there at the same time as you. So not only does your group get to go to an awesome contiki party you get to share it with other contiki groups. The other tours ( hostel and hotel ) don't get to go to the contiki parties and they miss out massively.
My group bonded so much on this tour and 37 days together was NOT long enough! we didn't get sick of each other and we could have kept traveling. I went on this tour by myself not knowing anyone and contiki made it so easy for me to feel confident and safe. Most people on my tour were also there by themselves. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOOSE! You seriously wont regret it #noregrets

Review written Sep 2016

My Contiki was: amazing, best thing ever, #noregrets

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