European Explorer plus Greek Island Cruising

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34 days

European Explorer plus Greek Island Cruising » Review by Rachel

European Explorer plus Greek Island Cruising
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Best Contiki Ever with some improvements to be made

03 Jul 2016 - 04 Aug 2016

Amazing tour. Amazing trip manager however she didn't provide as much local cultural knowledge during the tour and didn't play any culturally appropriate music as we came into the countries. Our day song could have been better, same goes for the wake up song. The countries we visited were amazing and I loved Italy, France and Greece. Amsterdam was fun but messy (I got VERY drunk and can't remember the night). Gorgeous Greek Islands and we got to see Samos instead of Kusadasi, Turkey. We should have been able to watch movies on the coach however we didn't have any screens - I was on one of the rare Pink and Black Contiki coaches while in Europe #winning ! Amazing coach driver and my group wasn't the best. I only made 2 friends and the rest of them wanted money from me at the end of my tour because I threw up in a taxi and they so-called payed the cost which honestly made my last day on tour horrible as I was very hungover. The tour itself was amazing - lots of fun and so many awesome optionals. We didn't stay at the best hotel in Lucerne, I wish we stayed at a hotel in the Swiss mountains which other tours apparently do where you can hear the Swiss cow bells up close (my brother did this on his tour in 2012). Albania is a waste of time and I hated it! It was different but I guess I can say I've visited Albania. We should have spent more time in Belgium and Bosnia-Herzegovina and Slovenia. We just drove through these countries - would have been nice to spend a bit of time to explore these little known but beautiful countries while we are on long travel days. This is my 3rd Contiki tour and my longest. I would prefer to do a smaller tour in more specific countries than a long tour. I also plan to see more of Switzerland, London, France and Greece one day. I also love Edam in Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Munich, Germany was so much fun especially the HUGE pork knuckle, GIANT pretzel and Dark Radler (for those who don't like to drink beer). So much fun on Bikes and Dyks Optional and Mikes Bikes Tour. They should include a white water rafting optional in Summer - perfect weather and I was disappointed that it wasn't offered. I really enjoyed the Greek Islands Cruising part of the tour and highly recommend others to just do the 4-day Greek islands tour as it focuses on some of the most amazing Greek Islands in a short time in luxury aboard Celestyal Cruises. Budget easy and cheaper than doing the 33 day tour. However amazing tour regardless of a few hick-ups in regards to my trip manager, group and a few regrets along the way that I will NEVER re-do. Regardless amazing tour and have so many memories I shall never forget. I took so many photos of me and my travel mascot Quincey - I don't think I will ever forget this dream trip of a lifetime. Thanks Contiki! My trip manager's name was Suzie in regards to my comments about improvements.

Review written Sep 2016

My Contiki was: european dream, crazy fun, solo traveller

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