Croatia Island Escape (Until Feb 2017) 2016

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Croatia Island Escape (Until Feb 2017) 2016 » Review by JJean

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Croatia Island Escape (Until Feb 2017) 2016
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Croatia is awesome… Just not this tour

25 Jun 2016 - 02 Jul 2016

I was very disappointed in this tour from day one. The tour is split into 4 boats which are pretty much kept separate the entire time so the people you meet in the meet up probably won't even be traveling with you and you cannot buy drinks from the bar at the other boats nor can you take your drink with you or bring drinks on board. You can only have Contiki people come and hang out on your boat. None of the other companies have these rules (or they just don't enforce them) so If you want to socialise you need to do it away from the Contiki boats. Our boat had a ratio of about 20 females to 5 males which is just not a good mix while another boat had a similar ratio but with mostly males. The two 'budget' boats are the same price yet one made the other look like a luxury liner it was so dodgy. The crew (middle aged men) were inappropriate with the girls onboard, It got very uncomfortable at times and I felt I couldn't walk around the boat unless there was a friend with me. You will pay extra going through contiki as they have a tour guide on board but to be honest the tour guides really don't do much so you are paying extra for nothing and then are told you have to tip them at the end of the tour! I'm fine with tipping… when it's been earned but the tour guides are basically on holiday themselves on this trip.
The kayaking in Dubrovnik was really fun, it's probably the only ME time optional really worth your time/money.
The optional dinners aren't really worth it just grab a group and find somewhere on your own I guarantee it will be better/cheaper than the places you're taken.
On a positive note our on board chef was incredible! honestly best food I have ever had. A few girls had very particular diets/ allergies and he went above and beyond to accommodate for everyone.

Review written Sep 2016

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