LA to the Bay (Start San Francisco)

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12 days

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LA to the Bay (Start San Francisco)
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Great trip

23 Aug 2016 - 03 Sep 2016

This is a really fabulous trip. It was my first Contiki and I loved it. You see really amazing places and the organization of the trip overall is flawless. I highly recommend this trip.

Do most, if not all, of the add-ons. Since the trip is tightly packed, it's tough to plan your own stuff and they take care of all the transportation to the add-on activities, thus saving you time and $$.

Here's just a few things I would have liked to know before hand.
1. Hotel in San Fran is pretty sketchy outside but inside is fine. This made a bit of a rough start for me as I got in late at night.
2. They drop you off at a mall in San Fran. SKIP shopping, Take the initiative to go check out some of the amazing places they take you on the bus tour before the free time otherwise you may feel like you wasted your time here. I wish I'd gone to the Haight-Ashbury area and the Golden Gate park.
3. If you're looking for a physical challenge, don't do the biking at the Grand Canyon. It is a very, very relaxing ride. If you do both the helicopter (HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!) and the biking you will not have time for a decent hike so choose wisely.
4. Most of the included meals are pretty lack luster. It's understandable since they are trying to keep it affordable but if you're a foodie you might be disappointed. Excluding the crazy, huge, breakfast buffet in Las Vegas, do not sleep through this!
5. At the Grand Canyon, make sure you take a good look at the stars away from the lit areas. They are beyond incredible.
6. You will be at several pools, but there is no real beach time until you arrive in San Diego. If you can stay an extra day in LA at the end and spend it at the beach.

Venice Beach (LA)
Hiking in Yosemite
Surf Lesson in San Diego
Helicopter in Grand Canyon (I did the Imperial version. Def worth the extra $)
Clubbing in Vegas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Overall great trip! Thanks Contiki!

Review written Sep 2016

My Contiki was: exciting, adventure, fun

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