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The role of Trip Manager for Contiki is a demanding yet fulfilling one. Our Trip Managers are responsible for the day-to-day running of our trips we operate in Canada; from the cool cities of the East to the lush landscapes of the Canadian Rockies on the West.

The TM role requires a lot - like getting our travellers from city to city, pointing out the best sights and sounds of the unique places we visit, making and confirming bookings/keeping the schedule on track and making sure everyone has a great time along the way. So having said all of that, it’s only natural we look for people with personality and passion, who are fun, friendly, organised and approachable and most of all who enjoy looking after other people.

Applications now closed for 2023. Keep checking the page for new openings.

Why work for Contiki

We’ve been delivering social travel for 18-35s since 1962 and still have the same passion, spirit of adventure, love of people, along with a drive to connect local cultures, traditions, and nature with our travellers.
When working for us you are undertaking not only a job but a lifestyle. A lifestyle that involves travelling to some of the most incredible destinations in the world with some of the most diverse and amazing people you'll ever meet.

As a member of our Team, you will be the face of Contiki, leading our travellers each day and ensuring that they have the holiday of a lifetime! Our travellers have high expectations of us so naturally we have the same high expectations of our Team - only the best will do. We've been at the top of our game for the past 60 years and that's where we intend to stay!

To be a part of our team you'll need to:

  • Be passionate about travel and Canada - you must be willing to learn and have the desire to keep on learning.
  • Be enthusiastic and motivated - we expect you to work hard for our travelers and the brand.
  • Have great time management skills.
  • Be responsible and professional all whilst having fun.
  • Have the ability to deal with all types of people - our travelers come from all around the globe; they speak many languages and have many different expectations.
  • Enjoy a challenge - our training trip and the job itself will constantly present you with many different and difficult situations.
  • Be positive and have the ability to deal with all situations in a calm and mature manner.
  • Be a problem solver - you will have to assist travelers with lost items, when they have injuries or need to visit a hospital, conflict of personalities, and the list goes on.
  • Work well as part of a team - when you are on your trip you will be working with your Trip Driver, local suppliers, hotels, restaurants and local guides - you will be a part of a very big picture.

To find out more about what its like to work as a Trip Manager with Contiki, visit our “meet your trip team” page.

What are the requirements?

You must be able to work in Canada. This means being the holder of one of the following:

  • Permanent Residency or Passport for Canada
  • Valid work visa for Canada

If you do not currently have any of the above but you are eligible, you may still apply for the position of Trip Manager.


  • Please note we cannot sponsor people for this position. You must have a valid work visa or passport/residency before commencing training. Please check the Government of Canada website www.canada.ca for details if you are unsure before applying.


Although not required, the following will be of benefit to you in your application for this position:

  • Experience working with and leading groups.
  • Confidence when speaking in front of a group.
  • Previous travel in Canada.
  • Having previously travelled with Contiki or participated in a group tour of some description.

What happens next?

Once we have reviewed your application you will hear from us via email. If we think that you may be suitable for a position, we will invite you to partake in a virtual interview. Video interviewing also gives us the opportunity to learn more about your personality and your work experience. Following a successful individual interview you will be offered a position on one of our 2023 Training Trips.

Prior to starting your training trip, you will be issued with an assignment. This assignment will help you begin learning about Canada’s history, geography, politics and current events as well as the Contiki product. All of these aspects of knowledge are vital for becoming a successful Trip Manager.

FOR CANADA - Training begins in April/May 2023 and involves 3-4 weeks traveling the Canada combining our Grand Canadian and Atlantic Canada itineraries.

You will visit most of our major destinations throughout Canada and along the way learn the skills of Trip Managing – the Contiki way. Our training trips are renowned for being intense and very challenging so the more advance preparation you undertake the better off you will be. Allocation to a trip will not be made until you have successfully completed the full training trip.

When you work for Contiki you are joining a global brand; your opportunities to further your expertise stretch from Europe to Australia, Asia, Africa, Latin America, and New Zealand – if you have the right to work there and the interest in tackling a new region, we want you! Given the reputation of our training program, you will always go far in the fields of travel, tourism and beyond.


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Is there any compensation for travel?

We do appreciate that many of our applicants travel from near and far for these interviews but we do not offer compensation for this travel - those of you who are successful will have the job of a lifetime with many opportunities to come!

When do applications open?

Applications for Summer 2023 are now open. Click on the “Apply Now” button to submit your application and learn more about the role of a Trip Manager with Contiki.

Do I need to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 to work as a Trip Manager for Contiki?

For all Contiki Travellers joining our trips from 1 January 2023 onwards, Covid vaccinations and boosters will be highly recommended but no longer required.

We will adopt the same stance for our Crew as we will our Travellers.

It is important to also note that both Contiki Travellers & Crew will need to comply with specific vaccine and/or booster requirements imposed by airlines and/or authorities in the destinations they will be visiting- as well as meet any requirements for accessing restaurants and venues, which may be more restrictive than above.

Please note that in Europe today very few countries, venues and airlines require compulsory vaccination, and we expect that trend to continue in to 2023.

Is there anything else I should know?

Yes - you have to put in an application to give yourself the opportunity! Register your interest now so that you are first to know when applications open!

Still not sure?

If you require further information email us: tmrecruitment@contiki.com

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