As we plan for our next trips and start to make up for the time we’ve lost, it’s important to do so safely and with as little stress as possible. We know you have questions and concerns about post-COVID travel, so we’re here to help. Below you’ll find a summary of traveler’s most asked questions around travel safety, bookings, cancellations and the new protocols you need to know about so you can feel informed and confident about booking your perfect trip with Contiki.

If you are traveling soon, you can check the latest COVID-19 travel regulations, quarantine policies and border statuses for destinations around the world here.

1. Testing and Vaccines

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Do I need to be fully vaccinated to travel with Contiki?

The wellbeing of our travellers is our top priority. As well as keeping our travellers safe, a core principle of how we operate is protecting the communities we visit. It’s vital that we make sure those communities also feel safe, and that we all minimise, as much as possible, anyone’s chances of travelling with, picking up or passing on COVID-19. This is part of operating responsibly - especially in countries with more vulnerable populations or low access to vaccines.

Our vaccination policy through to December 31st, 2022 requires all travellers on Contiki trips to be fully vaccinated to travel with us.  From January 1st, 2023, we still highly recommend all travellers are vaccinated and boosted where applicable, but it will no longer be a requirement of travel.

Your final vaccine dose must have been administered a minimum of 15 days prior to the start of the trip. We will continue to monitor the local requirements and update the policy accordingly.

For more information see below.

Travellers will also need to comply with specific requirements imposed by airlines and/or governments which may differ from the above.

What is Contiki's Full Vaccination Policy?

Our Policy is as follows:

- You must be fully vaccinated to travel with us on all trips departing on or before December 31, 2022.  From January 1st, 2023, this will no longer be a requirement of travel but still highly recommended.

- Fully vaccinated travellers must have proof of vaccination showing they received their last required dose at least 15 days before the start of the trip.

- Proof of vaccine must show the traveller’s full name and must match the name on the passport or any other recognized travel document. Proof of vaccine can be in either printed or digital format.

- In the event you are unvaccinated or are unable to receive vaccination, we will work with you to postpone your trip until you have been vaccinated OR you can choose to rebook for travel in 2023.

As always our team of experts are on hand to help on the phone or web chat if you have any questions about travelling with Contiki, need help with an existing booking or want any more info.

What happens if I test positive on my pre-travel PCR test?

If you are required to present a PCR test to travel to your destination of choice and you test positive on this test you should self-isolate and delay travel. You will be unable to join your trip with a positive PCR test and we recommend you contact your local health department and health care provider.

If you cancel within 60 days of departure then you will be liable for cancellation penalties. See Booking Changes below for more information.

How can I show you that I have been vaccinated?

You will be asked to show an authentic COVID-19 vaccination certificate (electronic or paper showing date and time of the vaccination(s)) with the final dose given at least 14 days before the start of your trip, to your Trip Manager upon arrival and before joining the trip. We recommend taking a picture of any paper vaccination certificates in case of loss of the original.

Do I need to quarantine before joining a trip?

Different countries are following different protocols, and guidelines are constantly evolving. We continue to monitor and adapt our operations to changing regulations. If you are travelling to a destination that requires a quarantine period, you will be responsible for arranging accommodations, as well as the cost associated with the extended stay. For up to date guidelines, you can check the latest COVID-19 travel regulations, quarantine policies and border statuses for destinations around the world here.

What if we need a negative COVID-19 test to travel between countries? Would the Trip Manager assist or would we be on our own?

Your Trip Manager will be with you for the duration of your trip and will facilitate any testing requirements while you are on the trip. Currently testing requirements differ from country to country so the situation is still unclear. Rest assured, your Trip Manager will clearly communicate what is required and what you need to do while you are on your trip, and as policies are confirmed we will of course keep travellers informed and up to date.

What if I need a COVID test for my return journey - will Contiki help?

You will have your Trip Manager with you for the duration of the trip and if a COVID test is required prior to your return flight home your Trip Manager will be able assist and support with all respective protocols.

Will I still need to wear a mask even though everyone on the trip will be vaccinated?

At this time, you will need to wear a mask whenever your Trip Manager advises it is mandatory to do so. All travellers will be required to comply with local travel requirements, which your Trip Manager will clearly explain to you.

Our coaches have state of the art air filtration and industry leading cleaning protocols, but should you wish to wear a mask while travelling on-board, you are welcome to do so.

Please note that airlines and other establishments may not accept washable cloth masks but only medical masks.

I have already received my vaccination, will I still need to comply with PCR testing?

Depending on the airline you travel with, you may be required to show proof of vaccination and/or testing, and similarly the destination you are travelling to may have specific requirements with regards to the vaccine and / or testing. Contiki requires all travellers to be fully vaccinated to travel on our trips so whilst you may only be required to take PCR tests to travel to your trip start point, this will not replace the Contiki requirement for proof of full vaccination.

2. Booking Changes

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Are there fees associated with changing the trip?

There are no fees to move your booking to another Contiki trip if you do so more than 60 days before departure. Outside of 60 days, you’ll only ever need to pay the difference in price for the re-booked trip.

If you cancel within 60 days of departure then you will be liable for cancellation penalties. See below for more information.

What about fees to change my flights?

Contiki cannot cover any of the costs associated with amending any flight bookings. If you booked your flights through Contiki then our team will do everything we can to assist you in making the necessary changes to your flights. If you booked your flights independently or through a travel agent, please contact your airline or provider directly to determine what options are available to you.

What if my trip is departing in less than 60 days?

If your trip is due to depart in less than 60 days and has been suspended we'll rebook it for you. If your trip was suspended our team or your travel agent will be contacting you directly.

If your trip departing in less than 60 days is not suspended by Contiki but you wish to cancel, then you are liable for following cancellation fees (for all destinations excluding Africa, Special Trips & Detour trips).
- Departing within 59-22 days: 25% of trip fare
- Departing within 21-8 days: 50% of trip fare
- Departing within 7-1 days: 75% of trip fare
- Day of departure: 100% of trip fare

Different cancellation fees and cancellation windows apply to trips in Africa, Special Trips and Detour trips, refer to our full Booking Conditions for the cancellation fees applicable to these trips.

If I book a trip and then need to change my booking, will my money be safe?

Absolutely. Thanks to the Contiki Flexibility Promise there are no fees to move your booking to another Contiki trip more than 60 days in advance. You’ll only ever need to pay the difference in price for the re-booked trip, if applicable.

Are The Travel Corporation (TTC) and Contiki financially sound?

Contiki is a proud member of The Travel Corporation (TTC), a family owned and operated business who, in their 101st year of business, remain stable and solvent despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic. TTC's incredible legacy, financial strength and integrity mean you can have peace of mind knowing your money is safe. You can read TTC Chief Executive Brett Tollman's letter of reassurance to all travellers here.

3. Trip Suspensions

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What happens if my trip gets suspended?

The decision to suspend trips has not been taken lightly, but our first priority is and always will be the well-being of our travellers, team members and the local communities we visit. If your trip has been suspended then you will be contacted by a member of the Contiki team. If you booked through a travel agent you’ll be contacted by your agent directly.

You will have a travel credit automatically available to you for the full value of your trip, to use for travel any time before 31 December, 2022. This credit does not include the cost of your travel to reach your Contiki trip.

My trip has been suspended, what are my options?

If your trip has been suspended as a result of COVID 19 travel restrictions, don’t worry! You’ll have a travel credit automatically available to you for the full value of your trip, to use for travel any time before 31 December, 2022.

You’re eligible to either:
Rebook now and change your travel dates or destination to any trip in 2021 or 2022 without penalty. Any discounts (of up to 25%) that had been applied to your original booking will be transferred and applied to your new booking.
Elect to hold a Future Travel Credit* of the full amount paid for the land portion of the suspended vacation, redeemable against any new booking for travel to any destination departing before December 31, 2022.

*Future Travel Credits can be redeemed with Contiki or another TTC brand (such as Costsaver or U by Uniworld) on any destination or trip for travel before December 31, 2022.

Please note: These policies are subject to change at any time.

My trip has not been suspended, what happens next?

If your trip is running our team or your travel agent will be in touch to give you departure information and you can expect to receive your documents in advance and then prepare to travel!

Make sure you submit your vaccination status to our team in advance.

What if I am booked onto a trip that has not been suspended, but I still want to change my booking?

As long as you reschedule your trip at least 60 days before departure there will be no cancellation penalties or fees and you will not lose your deposit. You will only need to pay the difference in price for the re-booked trip, if applicable.

(This applies to land bookings only. Please note: Airlines may impose different change policies).

If your trip is departing in less than 60 days then cancellation fees apply. Please refer to the Booking Conditions for full details.

Which trips are running globally?

We aim to keep our website as up to date as possible whilst tracking the global COVID situation in each of our regions. Because the pandemic is causing almost weekly or daily changes to government imposed restrictions, at times we have to make decisions on the operation of trips that are less consistent with our pre-COVID processes. Keep checking the website if you're watching a particular date but also know that once you've put down your deposit, you can change the date of your trip as many times as you like without penalty. That's the benefit of our Flexibility Promise.

Our decision when to operate trips again is being led and determined by the health authorities and local governments of each country we visit. We continue to monitor and adapt our operations to changing regulations as protocol details are different from country to country, but we also remain ready to resume our trips as soon as restrictions allow, ensuring that our travellers’ well-being is the absolute priority. You can use the trip search on our site to see what trips are operating in specific months, and we will continue to keep our travellers updated as more destinations open up.

What if the trip is going ahead but I can't travel because of travel restrictions or travel bans for my country?

If you realize you won't be able to go on a trip, you have up until 60 days prior to departure to change your dates and/or trip if you need to. The Contiki Flexibility Promise means there are no fees to change your date or choose a different trip (when changed up to 60 days prior to departure), you’ll only ever need to pay the difference in price for the re-booked trip, if applicable.

What happens if the international borders do not open in time – will I get my money back?

If the trip is set to operate and you are unable to arrive in the starting location due to your government's travel restrictions, we offer the option to amend your trip without fees up to 60 days before your departure.

If I don’t want to travel by 31 Dec 2022, can I roll my Future Travel Credit over to a later date?

If you are unable to travel before 31 December 2022, please contact us to discuss your options and we will review your request on a case by case basis.

What travel insurance do I need to purchase that protects me against COVID related claims?

If you do not purchase your travel insurance through us, please be aware that Contiki requires that you obtain travel insurance ahead of joining our trip. We offer several insurance plans, or you can choose to buy travel insurance from another provider. If you choose the latter, please be sure you are covered for the complete dates of your trip and please validate that you have the appropriate level of coverage in the currency for your country of origin, in the following categories: Trip interruption; (to cover the cost of your trip, including air); Trip Delay; Emergency Evacuation/Repatriation; Medical Expenses from illness (covering individual or pandemic event etc.)

4. Health and Wellbeing

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How will Contiki take care of my health and well-being?

When you travel with us, you can rest assured your health and well-being are our top priority. As well as implementing a new 3-step hygiene and well-being protocol that has been endorsed by the World Tourism & Travel Council (WTTC), our Trip Manager will always ensure that all protocols are adhered to and will provide support and guidance to our travellers.

Will I be provided with PPE?

As a precaution, extra masks, hand sanitiser and gloves will be freely available to all travellers, at all times. We also advise all travellers to bring their own masks to ensure their comfort, and any PPE they require to feel comfortable and assured.

What happens if I am in a foreign country and that country then closes their borders due to an outbreak of COVID-19?

If a country closes their borders due to an outbreak while you are travelling with us, your Trip Manager (with the assistance of our operations and support teams) will work together to help every traveller return home safely. If required, they will arrange extra hotel nights for travellers who are unable to fly out the same day.

If your flights were booked with us, we would be your contact for the airline and manage this process for you. If your flights were booked independently of us, we can assist you by booking a one-way ticket to return home. Upon your return you would then need to reach out to your insurance company. Any fees incurred would need to be paid by the traveller while in destination.

What if someone on my trip gets COVID?

We'll be following local health authority guidelines in every destination we travel so if someone shows symptoms or would like to get tested, the Trip Manager will help facilitate medical care and/or tests. If a positive result is returned from their test, they will be unable to continue with the trip until either cleared medically or can provide a valid negative Covid test (false positives DO happen). In many places, free testing sites are available and Contiki will follow the advice of the local health authorities to best manage the situation so every traveller's health is a priority.

Will you be sharing my contact information with anyone else, such as local health authorities?

To comply with local health authorities we may be required to collect and share personal information for contact tracing purposes, for example at hotels, restaurants or areas of gathering. This information can then be used by local health departments to alert you if you may have been exposed to COVID-19.

Will I still have a good time despite these new protocols being in place?

Of course. The protocols we have put in place are there to protect you, but we can assure you that you will still have the same incredible Contiki experience. Every single trip we run is perfectly planned to ensure that you can travel with total ease, combining the perfect blend of must see sites and local experiences. Every aspect of your trip will have been vetted and approved by our local teams, and your Trip Manager will be on hand to ensure that you are taken care of.

Will I be able to do all the activities listed on the itinerary? Will the trip experience be the same as pre-COVID?

By travelling with Contiki, we will do all we can to ensure you still have an amazing time. As the world comes back online it is possible that certain events, activities or experiences will be unavailable or have to adhere to new protocols. We will be sure to update you and keep you informed on any changes as soon as we become aware. At all times we will do our utmost to ensure your experience is a great one and look for equally as enjoyable alternatives where possible.

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