YOUR STORY STARTS HERE Here at Contiki we create life-changing travel experiences that open young travelers' eyes to new perspectives and legendary people from all over the world. It's a good gig.

That's why we've partnered with The Summer Set to challenge you to live a legendary life. What is a legendary life? It's a life filled with adventure, courage, positivity, compassion, friendships, and tolerance. Be the best version of yourself by following your dreams, overcoming your fears, and sharing your journey with the world.
Winner Announcement
This Contest is now over. Go to the Contiki Blog to see who's most legendary story earned them a trip to meet The Summer Set at one of their summer concerts.

congrats to last week's prize bag winners
Legendary Challenge #3 // Be Legendary.
"So maybe tonight, we'll start all over like it's the first day of our lives."
– The Summer Set, "maybe tonight"

The Challenge: Today is a new day. How are you going to make it one to remember forever? Share with the world using #LegendaryChallenge.
Most Creative
Week 1 Winner for Most Creative
I'd make sure to take each day as it is and stop to feel the sun on my back
Most Humorous
Week 1 Winner for Most Humorous
How am I going to remember today forever? I shall always remember it as the wonderful day I won a summer set prize pack (wink wink nudge nudge)
Most Inspiring
Week 1 Winner for Most Inspiring
On March 6th this year I lost my best friend. In honor of her I've started a charity to provide music scholarships for kids and help them express themselves through their interests and help them deal with their inner problems. I want to make sure no one else loses a best friend.

* Prize bags include: an autographed copy of The Summer Set's new Album Legendary, an autographed The Summer Set poster, an autographed drum head, a The Summer Set t-shirt, and a drawstring bag.

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