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26-year-old Male living in Brisbane,

Moving to London in July 2013, planning on backpacking across Europe for 10 weeks visiting all the big events and finishing at Oktoberfest. Anyone doing anything similar let me know.

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MatthewMatthew posted on Daniel Bishop's (Daniel ) profile

Hey mate how are you, I was just reading your posts on travelling around next year which sounds pretty dope. Im going on a contiki tour in may but after that I havnt really got much planned from then on, ill be mostly travelling with my brother whos 22. You said your from brissy? I go to brissy every now and then to catch up with some mates as I went to QUT, if you ever feel like catching up for a beer and chat about tearing Europe up next yr let me know haha catch ya mate.

Posted over 3 years ago

  • Matthew


    Hey mate how are you. Sorry it took me so long to reply I havnt checked this page in ages haha. Yeah the van thing sounds like such a good idea. I think me and me brother will eventually do something like that aswell. Yeah were also def keen on a week of sailing through croatia as i heard its a must. I think theres a website that can you book it on? My number is 0431447719. If im planning on a trip up to brissy sometime ill send you a txt and see if you wanna catch up for a brew in the city of somthing. Catch ya mate.

    over 3 years ago

  • Daniel


    Hey mate, yeah I'm good thanks how are you? Yeah I can't wait to get over there, I thought about doing contiki, but we are paying 1500 each and have a van for 6 weeks. Can go where we want when we want hahaha. I'm always keen for a beer man, I come up the coast a fair bit anyway so either way I'm sure we can catch up and work something out. The one thing I want to try and sort out quick is yacht week, have a look on YouTube and there website it looks pretty sick and I'm sure we can find a few girls to make it a mix crew. My number is 0404 255 535 just send us a msg and we can try an catch up.

    over 3 years ago

Daniel Daniel Bishop posted on Daniel Bishop's (Daniel ) profile

Europe 2013 look out...

Posted over 3 years ago

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