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Things to do

Hey :) I'm about to embark on the European Horizon tour and have a few questions. My tour goes to the following places Amsterdam Rhine Valley (St Gore) Munich Austrian Tyrol Venice Swiss alps Paris I was just wondering if there were any must see things to do in each place? (I know our time there is limited). I was also wondering what the best method of getting around in each place was? Thanks in advance :)

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cheriecherie (cherie)

European horizon - past travellers

Hi I'm doing the European Horizon in May and was wondering what optionals were recommended and if €100 per day was a good amount for spending money or too much or not enough? Also what do u recommended doing during free time? Thanks :)

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cheriecherie (cherie)

Wild Western


1 country \ 14 days \ from US$2399 per person

Thoughts of an awesome threesome - California, Arizona and Nevada - have possibly entered your mind at least once. Start this boys and girls gone 'wild western' phase, beach-bound in beautiful San Diego. Back stateside, you're doing the desert - multi-cultural musings in Arizona, and multi-millions (you hope) along the Las Vegas Strip. Then you're going back to Cali to finish with Hollywood glitz, Santa Barbara charm and San Francisco sightseeing.

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